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Cannabis 'to be legalised in the UK' within five to ten years, say MPs
I think with an impending brexit outcome, cannabis legislation could come sooner. Would be a great way to kick start our economy.
Great news for the uk consumers.


Remember that the former PM’s household profit from cannabis and we are already the largest legal exporter in the world. They’ve had a 40acre farm in Nolfolk for nearly 20 years on the sly. It should be legal already but then some of the rich would loose they’re monopoly! Look at how it’s pathetically been “legalised medicinally” with only about 8 patients receiving it so far (and it costs them ££££).

Can’t come soon enough... such an injustice!
I’ve thought the same thing over the past few months and since Brexit first came in to play. I mean legalising cannabis recreationally and medicinally would reap great benefits for people within the UK, but also it’s advantageous for the government if they choose that path. We’ll be bringing in a lot of money for our economy making a fair bit aside from the money we lose due to Brexit. Would definitely be a kickstart for our economy though and would be beneficial. I believe that at some point cannabis will be treated the same as tobacco with warnings if it’s regulated. Overall, I think the general population will change their minds on cannabis for the better when the government legalise it and they’ll treat it as a beneficial drug rather than drawing it out to be a “harmful” drug. as it always happens when drugs are regulated and put on a legal market.
While i agree with most of what you say there is one major stumbling block, no uk goverment will legalise THC until it has a stable method of taxation, which includes cultivation, sale and import. several years back when THC was down graded to class 'c' a goverment working party was put in place to investigate taxation post legalisation, major issues around taxing personal and not so personal cultivation put the project on the back burner and THC went back to class b. man i hate goverments.
by  MalcomY
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