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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
share {cannabis} and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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deep dive on cannabis tests
im always impressed by the expertise around here so im wondering if someone can explain what cannabis testing exists and how it works:

eg how do impurity tests work for edibles?

how is thc measured exactly?

what other tests exist?
thc/weight is measured by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). basically they measure light absorption from cannabinoids.

good explanation here:
Hi, the main method for cannabis testing has been chromatography which is the process of separating compounds of a sample into individual weights and measuring the results against known reference standards of known concentrations and weights.

We use a Gas Chromatograph with Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID) which vaporises the sample and pushes it through an ultra thin polarity matched column which then ionizes the molecules adding a charge and then they are run through a magnetic field and then the detector measures the weight accordingly as in heavier molecules will bend less to the magnetic field, it then records the data on a graph, response vs time, when the reference chemical standard is used its response and time is recorded to calibrate the machine and samples can be measured against it, for their concentrations and identification.

An HPLC-MS High Performance Liquid Chromatograph coupled with Mass Spectrometer is the most accurate in general. The Liquid Chromatograph does not vaporise the sample and tests the liquid form which has advantages and disadvantages when testing cannabis, for instance terpenes due to their volatile nature have been better detected on a GC. Testing for THCa, CBDa the acid form of the organic molecules can be done mainly on a LC.

All these methods are great provided the sample is prepared correctly and all your compounds of interest have extracted efficiently in your solvent. With different types of samples different methods of prep need to be employed as what the sample is can inhibit accurate results.
thanks that's a terrific answer
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