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Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
I just had a close call last night, I was super focused on changing the song on my phone cause I fucking hate what it was playing and really pissed that Spotify was playing the shit again after I had already skipped it several times in the past, really it was an insult to begin with suggesting I would like Katie Perry - because who knows why? Maybe she had a track with somebody else that I liked but I can't figure out who AND WHOAH I am driving through a red light and SHIT there is an suv headed towards me and already slamming on the breaks. So then the good magic powers side of the weed kick in and I do this swerve to the left while I jam the accelerator I don't even know where the hell I got the idea still I gave up on the Fast and Furious like 5 movies ago but goddam it worked. Has this happened to anyone else?
Nope, been doing it for almost 20 years. Funny thing was just talking to one of my best friends from back in the day. We used to get stoned and go for a drive. Used to do some, what I find scary now country lanes, with crazy bends, up hills and down hills.

Seen some funny shit too whilst stoned and driving.

Would panic when a police car would go past or pull up next to me at the lights but now I vape, so don't give a shit anymore.
Got stopped at a checkpoint with my mate driving... couple of ounces under the seat and severely stoned. It was about a week after the drug driving laws were introduced in Ireland.. the 2 of us were shitting ourselves. Cop walks over, taps the window, asks the usual few questions and then says ok lads I have 2 breathalyzers here, one for alcohol and one for drugs. And guess what it must have been divine intervention but the cop got my mate to blow into the alcohol bag. Of course we passed and off we went for a spliff to calm our nerves., moral of the story never ever drink and drive ✌️
Driving stoned daily for 20yrs and never an accident. But fun story, was picking up plants from mate house. I had about 10 small foot tall ones behind passenger seat and a 3ft tall heavy duty tutty fruity behind my seat With binliner thre over top. Happily driving along while smoking a fat one I had rolled for the road, I passed thru a small village when something hit the windscreen of the car, wasn’t a bang or anything just could see something kinda stuck to screen. Slammed on brakes and could now clearly see blue and white tape stretched across the windscreen with the words POLICE POLICE POLICE. I had drove about a metre thru a police roadblock and stretched their warning tape the whole way across the road. Shit myself window down joint in coke tin and sweat pouring down my face as the policeman walked towards me . I appollogised and he politely informed me the road was closed as someone had been stabbed and directed me to alternative route, A young guy and I really think he could smell it but just had bigger fish to fry that nite. Not even my closest call but closest while I was driving
Gods gas
Gods gas
Can't remember.
Ricky, that you?

Jokes aside, I drive way better stoned than sober. Much smoother and less aggressive.
Flower power uk
Flower power uk
PlayStation for me.
bertie hipster
bertie hipster
I have been driving stoned for many years and never had an accident.. but I have witnessed hundreds when out
carmen selectra
carmen selectra
Not the magic powers part, I took out my neighbors mailbox backing out of my driveway while otherwise feeling amazing thanks to the kind folks here.
tasty kush
tasty kush9.5/10
I accidentally bought a shitty car stoned does that count?
Marleys Ghost UK
Marleys Ghost UK9.7/10
with your bitcoins?
ed's edibles
ed's edibles9.5/10
I've made a few mistakes but am always driving slow enough to recover ;)
The Daily Puff
The Daily Puff9.4/10
this, mate :)
If I have had much to drink I actually take a few rips before I get behind the wheel, it soners me up.
another paul
another paul
Uber bro
The L Grow Collective
The L Grow Collective9.5/10
Yeah Uber Bro service has those pee stops
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