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Cbd for muscle disorder
So a friend of mine has a muscle disorder that tightens up the muscles so bad sometimes they cant even walk, was just wondering if you guys knew any cbd uk legal creams or anything else that would help with this? thanks
I’m not too sure what creams and CBD products would work specifically for your friend as everyone has different experiences but before I found LB, I used to use a website called who sells CBD cream, which could be quite useful and they’re well known for CBD products in the UK or, good quality CBD products, might be helpful for your friend, keep me updated if you need any other info or CBD sites to help your friend out.
Laughing Grass
Laughing Grass
hey man cheers for the info was looking at hemp elf was not sure they have stuff strong enough, and if they do its so expensive, if it were up to me i would give them a joint haha but they are not in to that so i recommended cbd would you recommend a certain product of hempelf?
I only smoke or vape myself. But I’d recommend getting one of the lower sides of the creams in a smaller mg and have your friend try one of those first to see if it has any reaction, if not then I’d proceed to purchase a higher mg product, maybe a CBD oil may help, as they usually have higher amounts of CBD. I find that their products are quite expensive too, but it seems as if they’re lower than they were a few months back when everyone was finding out more information about CBD products. Hope this helps!
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