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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
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by  Khuunntt
Sadiq Khan to launch review into decriminalising cannabis in London
by  Deez_nuts
Foreigners to be banned from Amsterdam weed cafes
Just seen this in the guardian. Has been threatened a few times in the past but this time maybe it will happen.

Was probably more relevant when you couldn’t get the good stuff over here but thanks to little biggy I don’t think it’s a big deal for me

Still think they will see their tourism hit hard if they do this, but sounds like they want to add a better (i.e. richer) type of visitor
who cares? most of the weed in coffe shops is over priced sprayed shit. we get better in the uk! :)
Ck kid
Agree mate most shops gone to shit nowadays grow better weed my self
They have tried that before and epically failed.
I’m certain some parts of Amsterdam have this policy, I had pals working somewhere in Holland and needed Dutch ID to Evan enter a cafe! They had to hang outside and try get locals to buy for them! Then it was the low THC content were cafes are forbidden to sell weed over certain strength.
The city will be nothing without the tourists. This is crazy..I hope the plug remains open because that's the cali spot haha <3
Thanks to LB and the great quality of greenery for sale on here Amsterdam is now just another metropolitan city that I might revisit. However were they to rescind tourists ability to smoke the herb they will merely be “cutting off their nose to spite their face”!

As a grandad I grew up in in the 80s and 90s when the main staple of any toker was hash. If we were lucky once in a while we could score some what was known as “bush weed” similar to Thai. O and if we were REALLY lucky we could get some skunk but that was rare as hens teeth.

Oh how times have changed!

Stay safe Biggaz!
you'd think the legalised sex slavery would be of greater concern than coffee and weed but to each their own.
Would be a sad day but like you said they have threatened it enough times before.
They would 100% feel it with a reduction in Weed tourist's.

I'm roughly twice a year on average.
Still you can grow just as good green if you try hard
I feel the same I always wanted to visit purely for the smoke but now it seems pretty pointless when we have LB :)

You would think they would ban the prostitution first but “hey ho”. Pun intended.
I live in holland and there not a chance they will ban tourists from coffeeshops every so often they come up with this but it will never pass through government they make to much in taxes and most dutch dont even use coffeeshops they to expensive
It's not the nicest of places, most dealers are out to rip people off, Holland however is an amazing country, getting flower hash and shrooms in Rotterdam and ending up fishing on a carp lake in france with no recollection of how i got there was one of the best trips :)
Lol. That must of been fun
I drove to Dam once for 2 nights, done aload of shrooms the 1st night and couldn't leave my hotel. Drove home the next day with a block of hash the size of my fist
Ha Ha good to know you got away with a souvenir. I remember the girl in the shop saying what ever you do, don't eat the whole bag, so ofcourse i did which is why i didn't catch any fish, i was with a group of mates and to this day none of us can remember how we got to france and managed to borrow some fishing gear, been to Holland many times since, i love the people and the vibe but not the straight roads, no good for biking..
Well that would be a damn shame if it ever came to fruition...

The nostalgia I get from visting Amsterdam is half the magic!

In recent years the quality has fallen to keep up with demand, now its the complete opposite.

First time I went to the Dam I loved it and had a great time. Every time since then, whenever I go, I just think I should take the money I spent on a flight and somewhere to stay and spend it in the UK on a couple of Os. Then I could sit in the comfort of my own home, without the associated knobs that seem to be a permanent fixture in the Dam and enjoy myself.

Maybe I'm just old.

Everyone should do the Dam at least once though.
I ignore The Guardian. If a piece of news doesn't fit in with their rhetoric, they ignore it or use scare tactics. They've been completely wrong about everything that's happened over the last five years. It won't happen.
Yeah. Sadly it's quite likely this time around. When I was there in February last year, speaking with staff in a few coffeeshops, this was a huge concern. Now that covid has paved the way for a new world....I think it might happen. I will still go to amsterdam for my regular visits, though. The city is incredible ♡
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