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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
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How does LSD differ from cannabis?
As far as effect goes I would have to say the biggest difference has to be emotions. While both of the substances open up "cognitive" connections, lsd seems to reach your deeper psychology. No matter how open a person is to their emotions there are always feelings that get repressed, its just how the brain works. It's like there’s always something there and LSD is going to bring it to the surface. This is why psychologists have done so much work with the substance.
Tolerance! Tolerance with LSD is very big, you can't use it regularly as your body needs to recover each time, same with mushrooms.
The L Grow Collective
For all the Silicon Valley hype about LSD productivity I think cannabis is much better for thinking through ideas whereas LSD is exceptional for discovery.
El chapo gozman
Can i find lsd on littlebiggy ? ?
Are you still looking Sir?
Onset! The 1st act w LSD is an exercise in discomfort so severe that it can initiate a bad trip. It's like there's a leveling that needs to follow that to really get started.
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Many people experience this with edibles as well, I think what you're correctly pointing out here is a liver based process vs lungs more than LSD vs cannabis. That said I think LSD is a bigger deal for the liver too, like it's saying wtf?
Effects are different in the brain, LSD triggers a lot of different synapses, meaning parts of the brain that don't normally make connections do! I recommend trying micro-dosing mushrooms (like .3gram in the morning), you're never off your melon but it makes you think in a slightly altered way.

Cannabis is less of a 8 hour bender than LSD, I find the effects normally wear off in a couple of hours and imo is far less hard work ;)
Psycadelics are a loop of eccentric processing. Your receptors are all shaking in new patterns and then all of the interpretive processes are running on dizzy substrates too.
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