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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
share {cannabis} and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
250 topics on {cannabis}
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Any other canna moms here on LB?
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resin vs rosin?
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Indica Vs. Sativa - is it all BS?
ever heard of an indica called MVA? (Project Twenty21)
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There was a clear winner on election night: Marijuana
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Help choosing non paranoia strain
how to find the right strain?
it seems there is a never ending stream of new strains here and now people are saying that even using sativa/indica to classify bud is not valid. is there anything to go on besides trial and error?
Sativa/Indica may not be scientific but most people report a difference in the effects including me. Broadly speaking I find strong sativas give a cerebral energetic high (possibly with some nervous energy/anxiety) and indicas relax the body reducing focus on pain and discomfort (possibly inducing coach-lock and sleep).
Most strains are now hybrids giving a blend of those effects and it depends what you are looking to get as to your choice.

You should look at THC strength. Pot is getting stronger all the time and 16-18% is now becoming 28-30% before even getting on to concentrates. There is little point in hitting the strong stuff first- you are better of building up to it.

Many people chase flavours and rave about the ‘lip smacking ‘ qualities of a strain. Vaping at low temperatures is very good for flavour. Others go for aromas, others will only touch bud that looks good enough to have sex with ! 😳

The good news is that they are all right here right now! 🥳

You can go on to a site like leafly and put in exactly what you want from your weed and it will make suggestions- then come back here and chances are good you’ll find some.

Discovery is half the fun- I currently have 26 strains on the shelf which is ridiculous but I love them all!🤪

Enjoy 👍
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