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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
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Free sample
by  Cmac1985
Any other canna moms here on LB?
Earliest known signs of cannabis smoking unearthed in China
Boveda packs in your regular stash jar?
Best places you've smoked?
I'm trying to think of some good places to go for a smoke, anyone got any good ideas? cheers
Trekking in the Himalayas is a good bet:) and makes you feel better after walking at 5000m for 8 hours
British Bulldog
Did an ice climb in Glencoe years ago, I can't even attempt to pronounce the name of the mountain (Stobcoriananlochain??) but we got to the top, absialed back down the nasty bits then rolled a cheeky spliff.

Everyone then decided to try and use our backpacks and coats etc to sledge down the rest of the mountain.

One of the funnest moments of my life. A bunch of burly men laughing their arses of sledging down a mountain, completely mullered.

One guy lost a pair of Black Diamond ice axes whilst scooting on his arse at 20mph.

"Be fucked if I'm going back up for them".

Such a great memory.

Cheers BB
Mountains and cannabis! What a winning combination!;)
Totally agree,

On top of a mountain after a morning skiing/boarding with the sun on your back in my opinion is the ultimate place to smoke a joint.
On top of a mountain before a morning skiing/boarding😋
I like to go hard in the mornings, have a joint after lunch and then cruise the afternoon on some blues.

Out of interest do you like music when out on the mountain?

After missing this year I am having serious withdrawal and I am pretty sure it would be frowned upon if I lit up a joint at the top of the snow dome!
Use the carts;) no one will know;)
Genius, I had genuinely not considered that! Could be a game changer!
That sounds like it would of been so funny, I might try organise something like that for me and my mates to do
Thats insane if you've actaully done that, I would love to do that
Was with my wife on our honeymoon, 2weeks Annapurna and 3 weeks Everest base camp . Had 3 types of Nepalese hash. Awesome!!!
I had a J half way up Ayers Rock quite a few years ago! That was pretty awesome!
doc holiday
Almost did that til a dingo ate my hash
Bet the visuals up there were crazy man
Its like an ancient spaceship that crash landed in the desert eons ago! No other rocks or outcrops for hundreds of miles, very surreal. Just annoyed i couldn't get to the top, it was windy so you were only allowed half way up! I made it my goal to have a J in every beautiful natural spot we came across as we drove around the country, its so unspoilt over there. Unlike almost everywhere in Europe!
I always enjoy camping in the hills. Couple small bottles of red and a couple of joints.
I agree camping smokes always good
I went to Egypt, met a local Egyptian girl and we borrowed some horses one night and rode to the pyramids, climbed up and had a spliff half way up. Then almost got lost in a dust storm trying to get back, Nearly rode out into the Sahara. That was a pretty intense experience!
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