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A little biggy devoted to everything cannabis :)

Except items here on little biggy! That's going to be interpreted as spam by our borg.

There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
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PISTACH wrong order received :( I didn’t order TRIM!
by  klayton88
Best Beginner Hash For A Hash Virgin?
in all of history who would you most like to get stoned with?
Self medicating for depression / anxiety
Does anyone actually feel any medical benefits from smoking?
by  westsyda
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
Is it a date is it a time I've never heard a straight story.
It was police code for marijuana-specific calls on police radio channels (*in the US). It was changed for obvious reasons many years ago By the time it was changed, 420 was already synonymous with marijuana all over the world. Same goes for rap music..."get caught up on a 187" and "slipped and judge slapped em with a 311" with 187 being police code for murder and 311 being code for robbery.The codes are all probably different now since the person sharing this with me was a retired judge/ ex-police officer and he was talking about all this like it was from a loooong time ago. Anything but that meaning is a madeup story by some stoned kid who probably had a persuasive way of telling stories. Oh btw, Haight Ashbury has that time there because it means pot, not because they started it. They have gay flags everywhere...did the rainbow flag originate from there too? I love hearinng all the creative BS people were told and regurgitated. Grateful Dead's address? Hahaha...awesome!
yep. this is the right explanation. so wierd how a police code has become a worldwide thing! ??????
Straight story in my humble opinion, is that it symbolises triumph of marketing.

One should consume cannabis when, where, as much he/she wants. Every day, every joint, every hit is a celebration of life and freedom.
One doesn't need special occasions or reasons to consume, i think.
Seems a popular opinion is a group of teens in cali, kinda cool not sure though but fashion in languages is fascinating. Jive Turkeys......

Peace! :)
sounds most legit
According to Oxford University Press...

'The real story involves two friends, Steve Capper and Dave Reddix, who bonded over smoking pot in high school during the early 1970's. One day, they heard about a field of marijuana near a Coast Guard base where they were told they could pick as much as they wanted. With a map in hand, they went searching after school for the magical field of marijuana. Every day, they met under a statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20.

"And we'd remind each other in the hallway that we were going to meet at Louis at 4:20. So we'd look each other as we passed by and we'd go, '4:20 Louis.' You always smiled when you said it, it was kind of a knowing smile. But eventually the Louis dropped," '
Yup, 4:20 is a time and not a date. It signifies the end of the school day within the Californian state education system during the 70's. It's basically the time folk meet up and have some fun... fo'twenny!
Always thought it was based on a indoors vegetative lighting grow schedule.

As in 4 hours darkness, 20 hours light = 420
best reconstructive theory right here
It's from the clock on Haight and Ashbury
That depends if its PM or AM... ; )

420 PM = disappointment - I know I have probably another 6 hours before I can have smoke

420 AM = Oh crap - Ive just woken up on the sofa again! Time to make my way up to my actual bed.
ITs Actally April 20th the ideal date too germinate your seeds to be grown outside thus being past the last frost of the year and is the date all uk growers know of or at least i thought did lmao
I thought at 4:20 the minute hand and hour hand unite and release a wee waft of timeless smoke....
420 degrees F is the maximum temperature at which you can vaporize THC. I appreciate the 4/20 tradition might have come before vaping facts became knows, but we're stoners... sometimes the answer comes before the question. I prefer mine at 390 degrees, but happy 420 anyway!
someone oughta brand a concentrate thats optimally vaped at 420
It symbolises getting high all the time and is thus more sacred than any biblical numerology
by  1313
China’s Reefer Madness Is Sweeping Up Foreigners
by  ike
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You ever try cannabis milk
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how to find the right strain?
how do we know vapes on LB are legit
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