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When will AI replace every job?
If any AI and robots do the work without getting paid it doesn't sound like we need a whole lot of money.
Ayn Rand Interviewed by Phil Donahue
Ayn: "Plato love me like caveman!" Plato: "This can't be real"
Modafinil vs. Armodafinil? I'm confused.
What if anything are the health differences? Thanks
Best cannabis seller for larger UK orders?
The Daily Puff has 56 gram sizes.
Is this product still available?
Will vouch for this one. Saved me a hundred bucks on a doctors visit last year.
Waklert Free Express Delivery discussion
What's wrong with Canada?
Ask {modafinil} do you stop for summer?
I take classes and still have shit to get done
Are you wanting to help me expand my mind.Richard
Sorry Kenneth is in a meeting right now would you like to speak to Dan?
Adderall vs Ritalin?
True but ritalin feels cleaner for me.
Britain issues warning for LGBT travelers visiting North Carolina and Mississippi
The South is weird, some of the nicest people you will meet anywhere on earth are the same people that fought a bloody war over slavery, practiced apr…