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Dirtbag Dan - Concentrate (YouTube)
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Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
Would it help if they were live black women?
The Room Where The Internet Was Born
And I thought it was just a bunch of bimbos and stoners out there.
What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
Well I guess you're allowed to talk about this
Gang Fight: Lawyers vs Doctors (for real)
Who is going to patch up the injured lawyers?
Why can't I find harder shit on little biggy?
they get hell fast.
Why Cryonics Makes Sense
Howd that one work out for ya elders?
Best Bitcoin provider for UK
Thanks for reminding me it's time to get rid of coinbase. works easier anyway.
Best thing to order for stealth?
UK to UK it's a non decision but if you had your ass in a dangerous place then caps if they are concentrate based.
idea for fascists: use immigrant women as surrogates
You mean all we have to do is jerk off?
Should We Die? (The Atlantic)
Good idea I'll recycle your corpse into flash cards. + 2 more
Can you write Android Apps?
Yes and it has a tin foil interface that maps the coordinates onto your brain.
Dr Strange
started topic
Modafinil Beginners Thread
It depends what you are using it for and how you plan to move forward. If you are a shift worker or have chronic fatigue syndrome you are going to…
Cialis discussion
Not than I'm in a rush or anything just I have this friend. + 2 more