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A little biggy celebrating all moments golden.
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by  Gladness
what comes after the web?
that isn't worse? what will be more open and universal?
Decentralisation, rebirth of the concept of governments and banks (stores of value and loans of value), the internet of money, the exchange of favours peer to peer, the recognition of favours, global decentralised online democracy, micro businesses go parabolic, communities become self sufficient, govts lose control. Its happening.
This guy is the new leader^
True though. example..I cashed out £3k yesterday just for posting on a crypto sub on reddit for a few years, 3-4 posts a week.. erc20 rewards. I use brave browser which offers free anti tracking, https upgrades, ad free browsing (inc youtube) and it pays as you go with BAT token. It covers my premium netflix monthly subscription and costs nothing.
Neurolink by Elon Musk
How do you earn money just posting on Reddit?
I've read about this before bud but never decided to do it as I felt it would be too little. Can you explain more about it, i'd love to know with regards of how active you actually were. its a very clever idea. did you pay for brave or was it free? I'll go check it out thanks for sharing :D
British Bulldog
The xeb.
nice list!
We bio engineer ourselves into organic super computers, harness the planets electromagnetic field as a server and live as gods in virtual reality.
but it won't be 'us' providing this world, it'll be engineered and controlled by a select few people who will have total control over everyone
yeah theyre called ai
Chigga Supreme
And we don't need to leave the house to do it. Where do I sign?
You do realise the earth's magnetic field is weaker than a fridge magnet right xD
excellent! lol!

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Life itself?
Nano tech enabled humans, BG’s Antibody dependant vaccinations and social credit scores if you allow it
It seems more than ever the Old guard sees the next wave coming and is way more on top of it than previous leaders. this alone makes it interesting
by  24601
Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht to Launch NFT Collection on Ethereum
by  zeppomarx
The cybernetics scare and the origins of the Internet
by  evey
A Released Prisoner Remembers The Age of Blogs
by  zeppomarx
Investigating the Staged Assassinations of Silk Road
Han duo
by  Han duo
Plato - the 1960s Internet Dream
by  1620
gwern - socrates of the darknet?
by  theP
The Room Where The Internet Was Born
by  Tenpester
1945 Meme Machine
Bruce Sterling on Why It Stopped Making Sense to Talk About 'The Internet' in 2012
Ross Ulbricht Interview From Prison
bit poppa
by  bit poppa
A Jew and a Scotsman have dinner.
The Untold Story of Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell’s Visionary 1980s Tech Incubator
How the Custom Ringtone Industry Paved the Way for the App Store — and Then Vanished
thom dorke
Trop tôt; The Story of Minitel
Computers, Media and Presidential Elections - 1952
kevin kelly interview
by  coldspurs
Inside A Social Media Cult That Convinced Young People to Give Up Everything
General Magic Called Everything
star lads
by  star lads
Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht
LiveJournal is live history
iron jizz
by  iron jizz
Anniversary of the 1st Web Page Ever