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Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
suisse ms ships from switzerland
What is the best DIY bong?
People we need to turn our bottles into bongs!
on  ljm95
Loving the new skin
me likey
just make it easier for people to take a punt. 110usd to first try a cart isnt the marketing you want, especially if you are looking to get feedback …
Dicks With Time Machines
the dick is how you get back
to the sellers that stayed online during the blockchain meltdown: STRONGER
lets not praise the strong because the weak might be offended.
Wireheading Done Right: Stay Positive Without Going Insane
Eye opening POV
Nuclear Weapons
Yes its been a blessing but does it scale as the tech spreads to those with less to lose?
Good documentaries recommendations?
Learning the identity of Q wasnt bad either, this is important journalism that happens to have amazing characters.
Monsters From the Id (The Climax of Forbidden Planet)
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occulus quest2?
the usual facebook data suck plus the don't leave the store with this item even after you pay for it hustle.