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use three words to describe little biggy
media as society
The Difference Between Sativa & Indica
wow my decades long experience is 100% validation of the sativa/indica difference. huge basic difference with energy i derive from them. in my pursu…
on  xs8
Stoned gamers, show your rig / console
on  {bitcoin}
Money as a system of control (video)
He gives me hope that the revolution is unstoppable, that an exit from a corrupted society is not only possible but inevitable. + 2 more
Why Cryonics Makes Sense
No way, decaying in the ground is what the elders tell us!
on  Mystic11
Drug driving. Has anyone been caught?
How does he keep getting caught?
Parallel Polis (Wikipedia)
very cool read thanks
#9 Make A Meme Make A Million
its important to love
Health hacks
and an extra glass for every joint
lord of the rings - soviet version
is it camp or are they playing it straight?
cryonics requires religion
really interesting
Alternative to Bitcoin to pay?
so are savvy buyers that keep some money in bitcoin. referrers are also making a killing just from sharing links to lb. so yeah maybe expecting charit…