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all the world's gold visualised
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Is it possible to OD on modafinil?
No or it wouldn't be here
What can I do to preserve my grandmother before she dies?
ice, ice baby
Why is redlining considered immoral by most people?
Obviously you haven't been a human very long kid.
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Futarchy: The Patch For Democracy
Good one, I noticed the full paper is here
How can i build my reputation in LB ?
Transactions make you trustworthy votes make you respected.
Lethal Adderall Dose?
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Come on Back Homey
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Is it possible to order a qty of 100 of the artvigil?
Go to Rex ||, he has larger sizes there.
What is Afinil *Worst* For?
I can actually second this, maybe not so dramatically as mel because I play golf but I thought Id get a big focus boost especially around the time I u…