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little biggy theme song?
Not maybe, this is the one that saved me!
Idiot guide lol....
External, no one needs your links here, but people on the outside do!
What signs of doom do we share with the Roman Empire?
It's an Empire folks that means most of the world is together on this. And the provinces will find the new heights in the future!
Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped
started topic
Why Cryonics Makes Sense
Seems you're off to a great start :)
Is it possible to OD on shrooms?
No and here is a siting from erowid
Vendor's Union nominated for termination
I've always wondered how the termination works because of the potential problems of a sock puppet army. Then there is the conflict with the prime dir…
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Who is shipping high grade flowers (cali quality) to Asia
i just click on items and put my country in theres a lot to pick from and looking at thailand you have nearly the same.
Best vape for hash?
if you missed this blockbuster video description check it out
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The word fuck the most diverse word known
Fuck thats interesting
immortality for sale - well, as a bot
Immortality with Alexa - now that's Hell.
Bit worried to order
I've had zero trouble with international packs
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My fellow Americans: How the Fuck Are You Buying BTC?
Zell transfer using Super fast, like minutes.
Dark Transhumanism in Silicon Valley
By French Revolution do you mean bloody tranny arbitrary justice brought to an end by an authoritarian dictatorship that attacks surrounding nations? …
What is Afinil *Worst* For?
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Microsoft's Appeal for Cyber Peace
Nation states are the R and D department for (other) criminal hackers. Every trick they come up with to fuck with each other is used to attack busines…