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The Room Where The Internet Was Born
The more things change...
in all of history who would you most like to get stoned with?
Richard Feynman
Forget the Blood of Teens. This Pill Promises to Extend Life
But I can't forget the blood of teens.
on  spiceX1
Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant.
it really is up to the individual to care about privacy and do the work that's required
on  [movies]
Who has the best horror film suggestion?
feel the same way at 28
Any Star Wars flick remastered by any director... go
The Mandalorian by Kurosawa
Preventing Medical Tyranny - What the US Constitution Almost Achieved
Whoah, how could he see this in 1789?
Why Young Americans Are Having Less Sex
youre never too fat to fuck darlin
American's Need a License to Use Mathematics
Kid I'm gonna need some kind of proof for this equation you're holding.
How To Control Guns
That's cruel and unusual lasering.
America 2024 - What Would 8 years of Trump Reap?
Lots of companies go bankrupt its just part of the game
What can I do to preserve my grandmother before she dies?
One grandma on the rocks, extra sweet.
Coinbase earn invite
ask {modafinil} cannabis + afinil?
You mean like alternating don't you
How Louis CK should deal with this shit
ill bet you would
Who is the best marijuana provider for Turkey ?
Mr Coffee IMHO.
idea for fascists: use immigrant women as surrogates
Is adrafinil safe?
Only if you have time though, if you don't take the time tablets wind up being more consistent. Ive learned this shit the hard way
What is the fastest erection producer on the market today?
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