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Cart Sellers List All Ingredients Please
I would never buy anything from a seller not willing to do this for any product, it's insanity. + 2 more
Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]
I never understand what a "unit" of ai is? Individuals or a giant collective mastermind? What could even make individuality or uniqueness? I…
Can I get Diabetes from Eating Too Much Sugar?
I am so freaked out about taking too much sugar but every morning when I wake up I *need* a fruit juice. I always thought it was healthy if I drank th…
Culdawuldashoulda: the Iphone back button that Steve wanted.
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why is empty housing a popular investment?
Governments love taxing them without having to deliver services they are the perfect customers and they can't ever cancel.
Epic Rap Battles Guy Fawkes VS Che Guavera
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Does watching too much 3D TV give you cubed eyes?
and telephones make you anorexic
Gary Johnson: The Cannabis Candidate
This guy gives stoners a bad name, get some sativa bro.
odd cause he looks so healthy otherwise
does anyone vape wax?
yeah but i trust what my biggaz have to say about this and im hassling with btc anyway so why not keep it on the dl
on  morgan18
should I list etizolam? would there be interest?
looks like a no, its losing on the no harm rule
Top 10 Lesbian Pollen Attacks!
this will take some time to unpack
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Where do you get your moda from lass?
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What Happened to Modafinilcat?
I don't know but they are leaving the business on good grounds it looks like.