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Resurrecting the Dead From Outer Space
If this is possible then it's the kind of thing another intelligence may come up with already. Maybe we are part of such a process ... {stoned thouhh… + 2 more
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Only question is what is needed for this. Will provocation of enemies be enough to create the terrifying event they need to grant Trump extra powers?…
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Postage prices taking the piss!!!
I don't get mad because it's not like amazon for them they have to buy the postage anonymously, package the product, stealthify the package, label it …
Image of Brain on Moda Less Than Inspiring
started topic
on  theP
Gun Control Is Over - Worldwide
Sure but can you print bullets?
{lb help}
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Cannot track my order , panicking
Oh goodness there are so many reasons not to panic, this is a common occurrence and could be 1) the link is wrong so double check with the seller. 2)…