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psilocybin found safe for consumption in largest ever controlled study
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What is post-humanism?
Post Humanism means information tech based evolution whereas transhumanism means the "everything"
little biggy theme song?
yeah, no.
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Cart Sellers List All Ingredients Please
Random testing will "weed out" lies really fast.
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is the coronavirus bio warfare?
i checked your lab comment and it is verifiable. way way too strange that the only lab in china is in wuhan. "The facility, known as the Wuhan N… + 2 more
How can people deal with natural monopolies?
There's an old solution for monopoly suppliers, Cooperatives. If a monopoly is owned by its users then the whole conflict between greed and utility j…
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Is this in Las Vegas the start of Marshall law being brought in i.d implants retina scans checkpoints?
It fits into the same old pattern, use a tragedy to make money. A tighter reign on Vegas means lots of profitable busts for the departments and cash …
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Took me 10 Years to Order. Lol
Buying bitcoin
paxful is similar and maybe a bit more private