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Kids - wait out getting stoned you're gonna need to not be burned out when you find out what adulthood is.
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Cheapest test of weed buying on little biggy?
In the US I would definitely say Anderson's I see …
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Yes I can never figure why white trash is so cool …
how a real cop handles a nut job with a knife
true this, look up good cops on google and you won…
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the pain, pleasure of cannabis detox
This is great but the thing is there's some of us …
Best Rapper of the 2010s
gotta go with jcole here
NYPD Licenses City's Rappers
Can't imagine their taste is very good since they …
best vape for cartridges?
Cartridges only requires a battery
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Can satisfied customers release escrow early?
Never will happen here, there is a reason this is …
Does anyone ship US weed overseas anymore?
Does anyone know where I can get large quantities of Cali tins
{buy help}
Is there any search option ?
yeah google ;) just type little biggy and whateve…
Professors using modafinil
Imagine having to read all those papers moda is pe…
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Next Doctor Who?
Craig Ferguson
on  {bitcoin}
Does bitcoin go up when people lose faith in government?
ha that's great but it's science fiction.
on  {shade}
Snowden Interview on Apple, FBI, and the NSA (video)
I prefer Jon Oliver's take, the Snowden interview …
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