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mat ha
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Best Star Wars Game of All Time?
Donna Haraway. Companion Species Manifesto Lecture 2003 1/10
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Problem adding a wallet
Maybe nomenclature? You don't want to add a "wallet" you want to add a bitcoin address that wallet generates.
Resurrecting the Dead From Outer Space
if you are happy with a transporter room kind of version then sure, but did we tell you about your premium storage options?
{lb help}
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How to post in certain areas?
{the comedy}
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World Riot I
The whole thing seems so dystopian like when they show the news in a sci fi movie and the world is falling apart.
How can people deal with natural monopolies?
Yes if you organise you get some of the power of the cooperative just by virtue of having done it. I would think this is the best solution, to actuall…
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a father of our freedoms
Lord of the Keys!
Fasting Extends Life
it feels pretty good too and goood afterwards
do u represent?
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What happened to r/afinil?
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on  Billy0020
i saw your post about an order that didn't arrive
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Got my first package today!
Wow may I ask who got it there so fast?