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Hi do you send to ireland
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What is the best Science Fiction Anime Series?
A.D. Police? + 2 more
Steven Hawking Says We Have 100 Years Left
100 years too many :/
What is the best DIY bong?
It would be the most overpriced worthless bong. Haha + 2 more
Looking for body high buds first time user here and I don't know weather or not to try these so for the moment I'm only …
Mr coffee has some bomb!
Scam? Spice?
Of course :) + 7 more
QR code
started topic + 5 more
Nominate this item for termination.
Well i was considering to order one to try but id be remiss if i didnt do my research first. Especially after falling for a blatent scam from my own m… + 2 more
Read it & Weep: Cannabis Access Decreases Academic Performance (LSE)
Thats because you become increasingly aware of how little academic performance actually matters in real life. It is true what they say its not what yo…
Has anyone here ever been arrested for using cannabis?
Sad times when some weed was considered as bad as beating your wife and sister! ;) + 2 more