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share peck and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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When an AI finally kills someone, who will be responsible?
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how2 buy on little biggy discussion
If you send a note to the seller in advance they can configure this for you. Some sellers just don't think of this frankly.
Bank Transfers
Selective scamming. The crypto world is full of it, sellers can't do that here, were all up in their arse as you would say. Escrow, transaxe, posting…
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LB was down
I don't think there is a facebook page for lb folks please be careful.
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Anyone use instantbit? They accept cards.
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any sellers not requiring bitcoin?
That seller did not have a way to sustain this or you wouldn't need to ask I assume. If someone takes your card for something prohibited by the card …
Dear Denzel Washington
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Successful Chatbot Lawyer Adds Immigration Practice
Dude you're not wrong. People can't put up with governments but bots have the patience to beat the cunts at their own game.
what is the cheapest, most sustainable way to stay hard
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why aging-isn't inevitable