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Has anyone else noticed how many anti-depressants make it harder to get high on weed? Dose anyone know how and/or why?
I know Little Biggie is a collective and no one person is in charge but doesn't someone have to own…
Is it safe to buy on LB when your accessing it via a run of the mill browser? If not then why not. Iv a feeling I should…
A Very ill man In England has his Cannabis funded by a regular Collection at his Grandmothers CHURCH!
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Police use "terror powers" against BBC journalist.
We don't that would be horrific! We have mostly independent media here in the UK
Any UK sellers??
How odd it looks the opposite to me, I dont know about quality but the people iv found selling in the UK on here are way cheaper than the US based one… + 2 more
Exit Bag
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Exit Bag discussion
What virus are you refering to?
I Rastafar
The Economist: A new study suggests alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack.
Yeah! How! And for that matter how did it make them harm themselves too?! + 3 more
Columbia University: Smoking Marijuana Provides More Pain Relief For Men Than Women
Might it not be the same as with all painkillers? They used to not even use women in their studies when they tested the effectiveness of pain medicati…
young blood injections reverse ageing (national geographic)
Im more physicist than biologist so I could just be beeing dumb but have no human old people had blood transfusions from young people? Surely if thi…
tDCS in Scientific American
Its worth noting that they were NOT using the processes usually associated with tdcs and so it not something that can be replicated at home.
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Culture and dissent evolve in Singapore's new native language
What new language? They are all old languages and the bastard hybrid dialect dosen't have its own rules or words yet. it's a mix of them! Pahah ha mi…
Disband the Bitcoin Foundation
Why would a collective who use & push the use of Bitcoins want them to disband? I know I'm ignorant about the world of Bitcoins but I know you ar…
What Virus is that then?
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Acuity, where do you get the product from? is it grown organically?
It's purely in the reaserch stages you cant buy this yet. Please see my comment above or use the link Acuity privided.
You can now download to your brain
Ok they haven't actually worked out how to download to the brain If you read the article or watch the accompanying video the injections and stimulatio…
what is the cheapest, most sustainable way to stay hard
Kegal exercises help to keep erections longer and improves stamina and even improves your orgasms. Also plenty of young men use cock-rings to stay up …
Can I treat my issue without medication?
If you are brave enough to ask a Dr before prescribing anything they recommend trying to go 2 weeks without wanking. NO fun I know but It really can h…
Looking to buy pollen or solid anyone help
He does good Polm too (Pollen is a old old chineses whisper of Polm)