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{medicine without doctors}
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by  wells
The illusion of evidence based medicine
The advent of evidence based medicine was a paradigm shift intended to provide a solid scientific foundation for medicine.

The validity of this new paradigm, however, depends on reliable data from clinical trials, most of which are conducted by the pharmaceutical industry and reported in the names of senior academics.
FAIR principles of data access coupled with clinical audit wipe out fears of big pharma being able to fraud or misconduct clinical trials...
Absolutely, and this sure sounds like a blockchain application.
Yes it calls for both privacy and full public use.
Im reading a very interesting book atm

It’s by Dr Christian Perrone

Who was vice Chair of the WHO on immunisation

A hero throughout the covid pandemic

Crypto-Infections: Denial, Censorship and Suppression--The Truth about What Lies Behind Chronic Disease
VR Therapy
by  Tenpester
Programmer brings cancer detection to everyone
ai app diagnoses your poop pics
by  patience
what exactly is color therapy?
by  justSEZ
Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped
by  rajrodger
MDs bilk $300/month for fish oil