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Marooned three million years into the future, maintains a long-standing desire to return to Earth and start a farm on Fiji and open a hot dog and doughnut diner. Lazy, slobbish, and unmotivated, but frequently shows moral courage. Enjoys good curries and better weed! Long live Littlebiggy!
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Best weed movie?
Tastiest weed you've tried?
Hands down these movies in this order:BlowHow HighSuper TroopersAny Cheech and Chong movie Friday Next Friday
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use three words to describe little biggy
Elegant social media + 2 more
Free gummies !!!
Love to get my hands on some of them out here in deepspace. Happy to write a review for fellow littlebiggers!
on  energixed
Reputation is what exactly?
Helps vendors realise your legit if there is any issues with delivery or whatever. If you a good purchase/review history and participate and enjoy lit…
19th Century Pioneer
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America 2024 - What Would 8 years of Trump Reap?
He'll just be a puppet for some real money interests, like all US presidents of the last 20 odd years. 2 party system is laughable.
What can I do to preserve my grandmother before she dies?
Record her talking about her life and memories, oral history vcan be an amazing gateway into the past.