{debut deals}
{debut deals}

The biggy that hooks up new sellers with old buyers.

You need 3 or more purchases and 0 disputes.
Simply use the provided link and you will receive the rebate offered.

If your item has less than 20 sales and no disputes use this page to post links to your items with rebate codes. See the examples below.

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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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20% off Cali Blueberry Indica
10% off Selegiline
20% Off Buds Bunny's Newest Edible!
If you has the stats (see above) use the rebate code MAxiDebutante

SORRY its USA only for this one.
Hi Buds, Tried access the Edible page and msg says 'access to this page is restricted'. My buyer rep is 4 buys @$235, 50% rated, 0% disputed. Is this a glitch?
poop lion
poop lion
Might be a country thing she said this one is for USA
Wow wouldn't expect you in this neighbourhood :)
thc in the uk
thc in the uk9.5/10
Gentrification mate
20% Off Any Item
bigg now