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was moses high?
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Digestible Robots are the Future of Surgery
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devvy borg
Need help with the website?
what have you done here besides change background colour?
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Money as a system of control (video)
I hear ya dog, like an even bigger idiot i learned about bitcoin years ago (from here as a matter of fact) but kept my money in fiat :(
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The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
Germany became increasingly polarized with people espousing Marxism on one side and Law and Order on the other. This is exactly how it feels in Americ…
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
Nationalism has more positive range for example promoting culture. Racism is usually associated with negative feelings about other races. They both s…
post my links around eu (100usd+)
Todd baby what kind of links do you suggest
use three words to describe little biggy
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