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was moses high?
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Digestible Robots are the Future of Surgery
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Aging is Reversible
yes very creepy when money is traded for life itself but it seems an ethical market is possible as healthy people have a surplus and all the means for…
Does Anyone Get Blurry Vision from Weed
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what are the effects of masks on a society?
#8 Common Ground Is Your Real Estate
if only the world saw this toddler
to the sellers that stayed online during the blockchain meltdown: STRONGER
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alternative future currencies
"it is not currently possible to directly purchase Monero with credit card"
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Biggie Smalls AI Raps Lovecraft
love this, thanks
How does it work?
here it it appears after "comment" for instance
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best french rapper?
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
Nationalism has more positive range for example promoting culture. Racism is usually associated with negative feelings about other races. They both s…
deep dive on cannabis tests
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use three words to describe little biggy
The Internet's pilgrims