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Best weed movie?
There's always Reefer Madness. It's pretty damn fu… + 2 more
little biggy criticism thread
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Definitely a great song. I got the dirty version o… + 3 more
How do I buy with a PayPal account
For leather?
Have you thought of taking Credit Cards
God, l hope it will. Sure can't hurt. My memory ha… + 7 more
Feedback by Lanky bastard
You are a practiced liar who will be exposed as su… + 3 more
Best online cannabis seller for usa?
You're right. I already know customs will only thr… + 2 more
Pure or with tobacco?
"Cigarettes killed my father and raped my mot…
happy borg
Help finding legit seller ?
There’s a vendor on lb that’s based in… + 3 more