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happy borg
Help finding legit seller ?
There’s a vendor on lb that’s based in… + 3 more
What is the best DIY bong?
I bought a device on eBay that screws onto almost …
Best weed movie?
There's always Reefer Madness. It's pretty damn fu… + 2 more
The Ultimate Weed Song?
Definitely a great song. I got the dirty version o… + 3 more
Big Rep? Here's Your Place for US Imports
Not necessarily. I was thinking the same thing unt…
on  pk2
Who do you guys think is the best deal for cannabis on little biggy?
Absolutely. How about $190 for sour diesel and $20…
on  {nations}
Why are the governments of the US and Russia adversaries?
Definitely! Putin was head of the KGB and now he&r… + 9 more
on  Rider66
How do you deal with grief?
I don't... That's the problem.
So i finished the wax inside
You have to take it apart, which is nearly impossi…
Pure or with tobacco?
"Cigarettes killed my father and raped my mot…
I nominate this seller for termination
He hasn’t done that to me. I guess l’l…
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Who in the hell raises the price for a med that we… + 7 more
new hash on biggy
Problem is there are no vendors here in the US who…
How To Control Guns
It’s expensive. $500 for a grenade. Things l… + 7 more