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little biggy criticism thread
Be careful about content and curiosity. I heard ab… + 5 more
Steven Hawking Says We Have 100 Years Left
I wouldn't call it living. Seems more like being i…
How To Control Guns
It’s expensive. $500 for a grenade. Things l… + 7 more
Should we use an alternative crypto for payment?
Hell yeah! I'm sick of paying so much. Even loan s…
on  {bitcoin}
One Bitcoin Transaction Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week
Granted, but as l said, l always question the sour… + 2 more
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Who in the hell raises the price for a med that we… + 7 more
iron jizz
on  iron jizz
What is the best Science Fiction Anime Series?
There is supposed to be a live action movie coming…
Best Weed: Song
Definitely a great song. I got the dirty version o… + 3 more