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Also how to smoke concentrates, this would be bigg…
great but what about the rest of us?
Are AI-Powered Killer Robots Inevitable?
I just don't see how human safe ai is possible. Th…
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Second wave?
Thieving posty... Advice
Don't threaten the use of authority, they are not …
Trump is the Latest in A Series of Geniuses Throughout History. Hair History.
Looks like he wants a hand job from Al Sharpton + 2 more
At the end of the bag...
Hello... I've had coinbase close my account due to behavior they deem against their T&C's.. What's my best option no…
yeah that kimchi tax stinks (jeez i cant help myse… + 2 more
{lb help}
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Cannot pay
Just try again, that sounds like a brain fart from… + 2 more
How Should I Set My Vape Battery?
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Which Killer Robots to Team Up With?
I think religions come pretty soon afterwards if n…
on  Jaydawg
Like that dogtown image dawg :)
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bigg now