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UK sellers with best stealth
I've noticed that about 1 in 10 deliveries get stolen by Royal Mail, and some sellers are only offering 50% replacements. So I'd like to find out the most reliable sellers with the best stealth to stop me wasting money. Suggestions needed, UKsellers only please.
Laughing Grass
Any decent seller on here will have good stealth mate, likes of thegreenteam, uk420, radar breeder, drugs inc and gods connect just to name a few, just have a look at the reviews and you will be ok. The odds of a pack getting stopped by royal mail in the uk is rare. Any good vendor will get your pack to you no problem.
British bulldog are the best for stealth and price, gentlemen dealers stealth is very good but not cheap. I don’t mind paying that wee bit extra for good stealth
The Gentlemen Dealers
Thanks Darren 😊
From my experience (Oct 21)…
British Bulldog has best stealth on LB 💯
BudBoyzUk, ULC, Pistach, Bonneville, Canadian Imports, GreenTech, Super Hans are all 🔝
Agree with this right here. Bulldogs stealth is something else altogether. A thing of beauty.
British Bulldog
💚💚💚 Thanks buddy

Cheers BB 😊👍
Thank you Mo_Gz!!
Hi mate.

Our stealths always commented on, plenty of layers to stealth!

Always delivers fast as fuck Gods connect, Drugs Inc, UK420. Shrekage. TgT.
Every vendor is faultless on here!
personally i tend to only go for ndd as it is tracked and someone is responsible for it every step of the way. i would use standard mail with trusted vendors, but still prefer ndd as i am an impatient sod!

list of vendors with top leel stealth below (in no specific order...)

legacy dank uk
super hans
bud botanist
druids magic

good luck with your orders!!

ULC every time. The best on here that I've used
Urban Leaf Co.
They all got good stealth as far as I have experienced
British Bulldog stealth is unreal I gave my package to my wife I thought it was something she had ordered lol

Daan and NugNinjas are bang on as well.

But nothing comes close to Bulldogs
Pistach is the stealth legend 🥷🏻
Top products, top comms 🤙
Radar breeder & Daan. Both offer free NDD on orders over 14g and I never had a parcel fail 😊
I’m a vendor and I put a lot of time and effort into stealth. Ive only ever had 1 parcel get lost - and I’ve sent over 300 of them. 1 in 10 sounds incredibly high. Royal Mail get a lot of stick but I think they’re fantastic.

As long as the parcel is packaged adequately there shouldn’t be a problem. Smell proof and discretion is absolutely key. In most vendor reviews there will be a mention about stealth and shipping more than likely, worth checking out 👍🏽

Best of luck

We are uk sellers with top stealth
Check our reviews ;-)
buds u like
Hi fredsdad
We do our very best to ensure deliveries gets to where there supposed too. Theres nothing worse than expecting something to arrive after you’ve paid for it and it doesn’t show up! Although we are new on here we have amazing weed and our stealth is also great. 1st class and fast delivery
The”PROVIDER “&”THE GREEN TEAM stealthy, no probs
Very recommended. 5/5.
I would say the green team is always a safe bet imo,also quick with delivery's
Radar breeder, ULC, dankuk, urban leafco and greentech are pretty much flawless and reliable, avoid pistach/canadian imports and jayspadez from experience an the reviews tell all
Dunno how old this is but both Pistach and Canadian Imports have excellent stealth, also from experience
Yes they do, but a bad experience with a vendor lasts long in the memory..
we have great stealth

weve had over 100 sales and 0 disputes

if you also pm us we can arrange delivery with decoy and stealth
Want to give a shout out to Marley's ghost.. reliable, good products and great stealth. Never lets me down
I've already used the sellers recommended on this thread and had some stolen from all of them, no better stealth than pretty much every other seller on here, probably just need to stop being tight and pay for tracked.
ULC, UKCF, TGD, guaranteed

Love your photo :)
The Gentlemen Dealers
Thanks Katy 😊
I'm pretty sure that a lot of the packets are sussed. Especially if you're getting regular deliveries. Certainly my postman seems to give a knowing look these days. Could be paranoia creeping up though...
In postie circles .... if a packet get sussed it will ‘go missing’ 100% they know there’s no grounds for a complaint or come back ! However.... special delivery someone is responsible for that packet at every stop, they absolutely fly through the system and they get serious investigation when they go missing ( post police IB - yes they have their own police).
I’ve been told ‘ they just don’t go missing’ . Apparently people send huge amounts of CASH via special and the posties are fully aware of what’s in it just nothing they can do to ‘pinch’ it or it go missing . So if the stealth is on point which it sounds like everyone is and it goes special then it’s got an overwhelming chance of arrival ;)
Postmen are thieving bastards.If they suspect a package has gear in it they will steal it.Royal Mail used to be stand up people of society but now it’s a cartel full of sticky bandits.Remember Home Alone we aren’t the wet Bandits we are the sticky Bandits.Well that’s the postmen now sticky finger bastards.Cunts would steal the wallpaper off your walls or the eyeball out of your head if they could.Watch these cowboys.STICKY FUCKING BANDITS.P.s hide all your shit good boys and girls and others because they are looking for it.
Could be but i once caught my existing postie having a good feel of the buds in a jiffy bag so i only use vendors with boxes now.
I paid for TRACKED NDD… from JAYSPADEZ… a week later i get this message👆🏻HOW THE F can a vendor make such a basic error?? RIP OFF MERCHANT
Bought from Radar Breeder several times, stealth is always top notch and great product. Highly recommended!
Agreed, my latest RB delivery was insane, best I’ve ever experienced, but Drugs inc, TGT have both also been top notch as well.
ULC... For the win.
JJ's comes double vaccuum packed, never smelt a thing until broken through the second bag, ordered 15+ times i think, no issues
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Postman bit my dog
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Credit Code Transfer
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Coinbase - Safe to use?...
I always buy with coinbase, £100-£120ish twice a month from a debit card. Never had a problem, I don't bother with external wallets.