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use three words to describe little biggy
Fork before dystopia + 2 more
Top Gun Maverick
tommy boys !
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Cypherpunk Bitstream Episode 0x04 Sneakernet to Drone Mix networks
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If we don't need authority for trust what do we need it for?
we need less screwing and more ..screwing
best eu seller to recruit?
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beat this beat bigga
ok Tierra Whack - Stand Up
both huh
3 days to Mars
make it 30 seconds and we'll talk
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buying with btc on g2a?
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The Legacy of Citizen Kane
King Lear without the kids
next covid mutation wishlists
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does evolution hate rich people?
rich people have fewer children
Programmer brings cancer detection to everyone
awesome post, thanks
phds mvp
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Game Theory Ain't Life
Yes this explains a lot of shootings from school yard assasins to cops