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Money as a system of control (video)
All of his lectures are great. I'd recommend the podcasts over the video, they look like a spycam.
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The Unsettling Rise of the Urban Narc App
little biggy theme song?
welcome to the family
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Revisiting the Whole Earth Catalog (video)
Yeah but what's really click baity is the title on youtube "Steve Job's Google of the 60s: Whole Earth Catalog revisited".
Small amount disappearing from payment
TX gives you a price in bitcoin, you just pay that price, not less than that because the usd equivalent has changed or because your wallet deducts fee…
Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht
He has been in prison long enough, it's obvious he wasn't violent or greedy and as far as harm caused the Sacklers knowingly killed more people before…
Has the pope died????
there's always another pope
There isn't the testing apparatus for it. Buying anonymously when the stakes are life and death just isn't possible right now.
Should We Die? (The Atlantic)
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