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Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
I was a heavy smoker for years (half oz a week) then suddenly i started having panic attacks after smoking with pulpatations too. I gave up for ages but i really miss having a smoke so ive started having some very small amounts of morrocan hash this last year, which so far seems like it causes less problems although im still very nervous about having too much. If i smoke most weed thats around ill feel like ive had 4 cups of strong coffee :( Weed used to be relaxing but now feels like a stimulant . Ive also ended up cutting coffee and most hardcore sugar out of my diet as that seemed like it was also starting to affect me badly (i suppose thats a good thing to cut out anyway haha but still) . Whats going on Doc?
Hey! Sorry to hear about your weed-induced panic attacks. I can easily give myself severe anxiety with too much THC but at the same time I need the THC-heavy indica strains to sleep (severe insomnia from long-standing PTSD). AVB (already vaped bud) doesn't seem to cause anxiety in the same way, so sometimes I just self-medicate with that. But I've found the trick with weed is to vape it, not smoke it, and to use way way less than makes sense, like a really tiny quantity. Either I just put a tiny quantity in my vape, or i put in a normal quantity but only take a couple of shallow puffs then take a break for an hour or so.

That said, a lot of panic attacks are by subconscious association, so if you had one bad trip with weed, the panic attacks could well be just your amygdala screaming DANGER DANGER at your adrenal glands every time you smoke. If you need to talk about it feel free to message me btw
A kind seller on here is putting me together a little variety pack to try some high CBD indica weeds which I'll be vaping
Hemp hash has the best Cbd buds! Just mix it 1:1 with thc weed , or 1:2, 1:3 etc. That should take care of the anxiety;)
That's a good tip , thanks bigum I'll stick to indica only strains to mix with though
if you could get diazepam i used both to cure very bad case of PTSD to fix. every time i smoked and got panic i i let it get bad then pop a pill to shut the fuck up to this panic it works really does. did this for just a few weeks and wala i can now smoke 247 no panic then just weened myself off the diazepam 5 years gone and still PTSD free
Definitely try vaping. Its a lot more mellow and a nice way to ease yourself in. MJ Concentrates have some great carts (he is sold out atm but will restock soon) and he is really helpful and has great customer service and no question is too stupid to ask him.
Heyo, I smoked every day for a couple of years in my early 20s. Life was fun, carried my pipe everywhere and I loooved smoking all day long. Few years after life stopped being as fun and I found that being high stopped feeling good and made me feel extremely anxious. I think it has to do with what your brain is dealing with, whether you’re in a good place or not. Nowadays I smoke when things are more or less okay and I haven’t had any bad anxiety issues *knock on wood*
Hope things get better for you!
You have to be good to yourself to smoke. I fully agree.
Just to add as I don't see it otherwise mentioned, but the maturity of the trichomes plays a large part in this. Smoking earlier cuts of cloudy trichs will give a rushier hit than ambers if cut a little later, and I've found it's immature or earlier cut weed that tends to give me the effects to speak of. If you know any growers, ask that they cut you some when it's mostly amber trichs and see how you do. It is degrading at the point but you can't get it all just right.
I used to suffer with this and for me I realised the sativa doesn't agree with me, has to always be indicia, or a 70/30 hybrid, I'd suggest having a smoke but you need to break yourself in real slow, just like have a few puff's, then a few hours later a few more and so on, try indica leaning strains, though it could just be your body going nah
Sorry to hear this. Everyones different but it can come down to strains. Try find Hybrids or Indicas particularly ones that are low THC and High in CBD. Thisbalance is key to a balanced high. also really make sure the plants are flushed correctly and/ or organic. Less chemicals the better which can trigger a lot of this.

Good luck
Have you seen any high CBD low THC weed on here buddy?
Not really bud, Durban Poison i Had stocked there was 17% THC, 1% CBD, 1% CBN. There definitely are strains that have like 3% CBD these days. Sorry I couldnt be of more use!
Would love to try something like Stephen hawking kush . Indica dominant 12% THC 13% CBD . Sounds perfect for me but I don't know if I'll find weed like that in the UK . Hopefully I'll get lucky
I had a similar episode after 20 yrs of smoking daily, mind you it happened after a weekend of more booze than you can imagine. Tried a few times after but had the same response, so I gave up for about 8 years ( boy did I miss it!!) then went to Amsterdam, I took it slower than I would have in the old days and always kept my mind working and it worked . TBH my life now won’t allow to go back to how I used to smoke but pleased I can still enjoy one again. I guess it really comes down to mental conditioning and not associating weed and the panic attack, well that’s what helped me .
1:1 THC/CBD strains are amazing. Stick to some nice indicas or hybrids and you'll find the CBD takes the anxiety away and replaces it with a deep relaxation.
CBD definitely helps with this, it could be a reason why its happening. as strains get stronger in THC content the CBD decreases I believe. resulting in these side effects from cannabis. Different strains do make a difference too!
Sorry to hear that buddy. That happens with my mum. I baked her some brownies a few times and even with strains that knock me out, have the opposite effect on her. She ends up getting a speed-like high. She has chronic arthritis but it may be the type of meds she is on not meshing well. Some venders put detailed descriptions on here of their strains. You will find one that works for you eventually. I hope it all comes right for you because it’s shit when you can’t do what you love. Stay safe.
I hope you feel better my friend!
Thank you pistach
maybe because you stopped using for a long time so your body isn't used to having weed. or you might have went straight to sativa strains when you started again. i had the same experience not long ago, i thought i added a low amount of cannabutter in my brownies and i ate two, 5 hours later i feel like my heart will explode and i was scared i might die. lol. yeah stick to the indica ones, try to taper your dose-- start small and see which amount gives you the results you want. CBDHempKing has some cbd flowers and CBDave has some cbd products like distillates and chocolates.
Stick to the indicas, sativa strains have the same effects on me, avoid it now and been good so far. Smoke every day.
Thanks for your comment. Any particular strains you can recommend i try? ive been at a whits end for years now
Use leafly to compare strains take.something with a heavier indica percentage and work back. Hybrids prob o
Alright with 60% sativa like gentleman dealers lemon amnesia.
Poss vape I've found spliff make it more likely.
Hi lovely, hope you find something that helps. I find anything trippy makes me panic if I’ve not planned for it. I can recommend ULC white dog very very clean and relaxing :) they have 1g options so it’s less than £20 to try it out. Best of luck, I also find chatting to vendors about what they experience with their items has been really helpful lately.
Currently black jack reserve or fruity pebbles from drugsinc these are pretty laid back not heart pumpers. Look out for the ice cream cake that was nice.
I find mimosa really good for anxiety it’s a 50:50 hybrid usually pretty easy strain to get hold of to
Get some cbd gummies to take the edge off.
some strains work good with some people and some don’t I recommend a indica dominant strain
Its the strains pretty much... example..
White widow i had in de pipj, amsterdam was real heavy fire. One joint and i was a complete mess. Full blown panic attack, whitey, palpitations etc.
Also the state of mind before you smoke. ganja (especially sativas) can be a sensitizer so amplifies your emotions.
Also, when a plant is chopped also has an effect on the buzz. So even an indica can be racy if its chopped a bit early. Sativas are often chopped a bit early because...
1) They can take another 50% longer to flower than an indica
2) It amplifies the racy high and can be more trippy.

Loads to keep you happy, but id just look for a 90%+ indica dominant, which is usually displayed in vendors sales pitches.
Good luck and dont do it if it makes you feel para. Can be unhealthy to keep that going for the grey matter.
Sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard time.

I generally stay away from the crazy strength buds, particularly sativa strains which can get a bit racy!

Maybe try hybrids with a greater percentage of indica or strains with a balance of thc & cbd.

I like Indica hashes generally.

I’ve had some nice stuff from hashishin lately. Some of the leb stuff is fairly balanced between thc and cbd.

I had some hash from Shroom of the loom that was a really relaxing indica called audi something or other.

I have a friend who swears by taking a few cbd drops while having a smoke.

I most often vape nowadays and find that cleaner and less intense than smoking a J.

Hope you find a solution.
Hi, ive smoked heavily for 25 years now and I find my anxiety is at its worst when i cant source any weed, whether thats an addiction styled placebo im not sure, but I have heard of people mixing quantities of cbd flower in with their thc flower at various ratios and reporting much lower psychosis/anxiety levels. Maybe try a bowl or vape of 70/30 thc/cbd and see if it helps any.
Have you tried taking a beata blocker every day this will stop your heart pulpatations.Get them off the doctor😀
Just a thought....I wonder if having a few drops of high strength cbd oil before you smoke could help take the edge off?

try researching the strains first before you buy, see how it would affect you. and try indica strains. CBD oil helps too. if you got a local Holland&Barrett shop, checkout their products, sometimes they got promos like Buy 1 get another 1 for a penny
could be worse, you could develop cannabis hypermedia syndrome like me and nearly die of complications of dehydration. imagine the worst pan imaginably, its 10 times worse, fentanyl does nothing, they had to put me under to stop it.
Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that dude !
Thanks everyone for your lovely responses . I'm going to look out for some indica rich northern lights and some ice cream cake , until then I'll stick to my lower strength hash as that seems like a warm not too heady buzz :)
amnesia haze does it for me, always makes me crazy.
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