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ghetto bikes
are there good steroids?
Good question!
The fall in male testosterone levels is mooted by some as not only one of the most ignored health issues in current times but a future health tsunami.
Simply because steroids are ‘abused’ for athletic and vanity reasons most medical bodies are swerving to avoid the issue of testosterone optimisation therapy, leaving it in the arena of the ‘wild west’ and private practice.
Unfortunately hinged to the wholly inaccurate phrase ‘male menopause’ it’s seen by many who should know better as a ‘joke’ subject or simply an excuse to take body enhancing drugs.
However, low testosterone or ‘hyper-gonadism’ can produce a raft of symptoms that not only limit or destroy quality of life but significantly shorten longevity.
So the simple answer is yes, there are some very good steroids: Undenanoate, Propionate, Cypionate, Enanthate, and Sustanon are just a few examples of steroids that can optimise male testosterone levels (with a fraction of the dosage used by body builders and without any significant side effects). Finding a physician to prescribe them however that isn’t going to break your bank account is a whole different topic!….
Steroids are not good or bad. They can be used positively for testosterone replacement therapy but also abused for performance enhancement. It’s about how and what they are used for which makes them good or bad;)
very interesting indeed i just heard they mess up your heart
Yep, however the dosage Ronnie Coleman takes is vastly different to the dosage someone takes to have normal testosterone levels. So the side effects will also be different;)
by  Vxtruthxv
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
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are hot tubs healthy?
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what are the least carcinogenic fats?
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Is Kambucha actually healthy?
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doctor doc
Ask Doc Anything
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Weed that doesn't cause bad nerves
I have dry eczema. What kind of diet, exercise, lifestyle would you suggest? Cbd salves, will they work? Thanks
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