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sani king
by  sani king
Is Kambucha actually healthy?
I have dry eczema. What kind of diet, exercise, lifestyle would you suggest? Cbd salves, will they work? Thanks
doctor doc
Most simply you just wanna keep it oily inside and out. Oily baths or even showers and you have it under control on the surface.

Under the hood diet is profound, olive oils, coconut, and pretty much anything healthy can turn around the problem.

Cannabis seems to help, a salve is worth a try and sounds fun if nothing else. But don't treat with medicine till diet is changed, that's the cure you want.

LIke your diet your regular cannabis use should be oily, tinctures and cbd concentrates and smoking is going to hurt, you don't put a fire next to dry anything.
I agree with the doc, skin is a lot like plants. Dry leaves means moisture topically and on the inside chemistry that will promote healthy growth on the lowest possible layer, healthy oils, theres your most fundamental lubricant.
a good cbd balm will help
Drugs Inc UK
hello hope all is well

look up organic oats bath, cut out sugar and dairy and drinks loads of filtered or distilled water. Avoid foods that cause mucus and inflammation.

kind regards
100% agree..especially cutting the dairy.tobacco doesn't help if you smoke. And there is a product called neem cream highly recommended and its not dear either.
What dr doc said, shea butter works well for skin conditions, with my life i have had temendpus insight into this, as eczema is likely A MIND BODY issue....think about this fun fact, the skin has as much neuroscience as the brain......let that sink in like an oil..........and ask ur self, where is this in my mind, what is blocking me? If u want to message me about it u can but i knkw ur not asking....i had it on my knee, my ex gf told me this...i asked myself amd i got that i had been afraid to take the next steps.... To move forward..literally when i started taking steps in the direction It would disappear in parts, i realized it was more than one thing, more tham one step to take, and its not there, but it didnt disappear with conditioning.... i did eat healthier but it was SUPER FAST how it was crazy to see for me
Lifestyle, diet,
Stop using strong washing powder, change bed clothes every day when skin is bad.
Life long eczema sufferer
Fasting and putting your body in an autophagy state has anicdotal and possibly scientific backing too, to improve eczema. Also it has run through my family, and I find eating excessive sugars, carbohydrates and gluten inflames it. Just my two cents
eczema is a symptom, salves may help with a symptom but treating the underlying causes will ... you know.
how much stress do you have in your life ?
British Bulldog
Sunbeds. i.e Vitamin D

Give it a try and let me know.

Cheers. BB
Stay away from the sunbeds
Try the organic black seed oil and some extra B6 Vitamin and B12 thank us later .
Is black seed oil topical or ingested?
I had eczema really bad I’m talking elephant skin!
Go to a Chinese herbalist! They will sort it no problem.
The best ointment I found is a Chinese cream
Called 999. You can find it on eBay.
Nice too
Agreed with the info already left! By add on... be careful when using creams and ointments... sometimes too much and too often can actually make the problem much worse! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too... such an easy thing to help so many ailments.
hello all, am back on here after so long... its back again the eczema...but it makes my heart so happy to see all your helpful comments
Ive been using hemp seed oil and its the best !!!! I apply it all over body & take it orally too, just a few drops, works like a CHARM !
Cold showers changed my life after suffering from chronic eczema for years. Calms it right down and let’s the CBD balls and steroid creams do there job
Elimination diet. Water, Salt, Steak(rib eye) aka Carnivore
I feel you bro, same sort of thing I suffer from.
I use moisturisers - usually of the emollient variety, avoid dairy and get some sun around you - avoid the sunbeds though (my girlfriend is a dermo-nurse and swears this will do more harm to the melanin than good. UV light treatment in a hospital is not a sunbed, it is very different). Also cauliflower and broccoli are really good - the rawer the better.

Take care man, and if you haven't already, go ask your GP for a referral to the Dermatology clinic asap, those guys are great and at the moment they are pretty much empty, but still operational as the hospitals wind down their response to Covid.
by  MalcomY
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doctor doc
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doctor doc
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