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What signs of doom do we share with the Roman Empire?
Really don't mean this in any kind of shitty way but overwhelming numbers of people moving from more primitive areas into Rome is like what's happeni…
5 stars on the app store and it stole his life savings
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Reversal of biological clock restores vision in old mice
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Perpetual Lockdown: We Can Save SO Many Lives
Get rid of showers and we can also eliminate poisonous household cleaners which have gone unchecked for way too long. + 2 more
Epic Rap Battles Guy Fawkes VS Che Guavera
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Happy Mondays VS Stone Roses
Someone sees the light
{lb help}
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Cannot pay
which system are you getting this error on little biggy or the transaxe page where you would get the btc address? can you see the order on your littl…
Best Bitcoin platform for Android?
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{lb help}
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Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash?
Bitcoin cash may have started with good intentions but is now effectively an address fishing scheme. I would wager that most Bitcoin cash transactions…
BitPay address form is 2 character too short!
Looks like some work is needed. Without diving in too deep I would say I could do this for say 400 bucks. If you are interested let me know.
Do Regional Molds Shape Culture?
Would explain the French
Great Present for Dad
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I stopped watching TV for a while how did Angela Lansbury get to be the head of Germany?
Fucking morons, Angela Lansbury is Harry Potter