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by  ike
If Everyone On Earth Jumped at Once
The whole history of earth and life
Dicks With Time Machines
Good documentaries recommendations?
by  1620
Monsters From the Id (The Climax of Forbidden Planet)
lord of the rings - soviet version
biggy smalls raps over thomas the tank engine
10 horror movies you will never forget ;-)
Human Traffic (The Film)
mona lisa
by  mona lisa
Love Death & Robots
Right Up Our Alley
Bosch on Amazon Prime
Apocalypse films
Looking for films that are to do with some kind of apocalypse. E.g. zombies, viruses, nuclear, environmental. Can be based during or after the apocalyptic event. Please tell me your favourites or ones you plan to watch

Some of my favourites: children of men, 28 days/weeks later, Dawn of the dead (2004), I am legend, 2012 and war of the world's (2005)


Children of Men: that is my fav film ever, I remmeber when I first watched it I was so moved I was in tears. Usually love movies but never get emotional, Children of Men however got me. "Strawberry Cough". 28 Days Later, one of Danny Boyles movies.
Other good movies: Train to Busan, The Road, Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Shaun of The Dead, Sunshine (about a space crew in the future trying to stop an impending apocalypse as the sun is dying), Independence Day. That's what I can think of so far, but amazing shout on Children of Men, a lot of people I know have never seen Children of Men, it's a very underrated film.
You should check out 'Threads' a UK TV movie from the mid 80's. The effects are wonky by todays standards but it's still chilling as hell. Fail Safe and Forbin: The Colossus Project are also still scary.
Children of Men is my favourite film of all time. A flawless masterpiece with great characters and so plausible.
+1 for Threads, superb. They could act, the director could direct; I'm critical of much of todays loud, effects heavy drama. But then I'm a wrinkly 8)

"Apocalypse Now" fits into the category I think, if you haven't seen it - do so asap.
I have seen apocalypse now, didn't think of that when I wrote the post. I guess it's not a proper apocalypse (global/taking humanity to near extinction - does tick the societal collapse box) but the name certainly fits and it is a brilliant film.
Apocalypse now is one of my favourite films. Have you seen the redux version. It’s a directors cut and is so worth it. It is loosely based on the book Heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad which is a good read if you enjoy the film. Brando is the man. A hell of a lot of his part is improvised. Genius
I suggested it fits as the Vietnam War caused the collapse of Vietnamese society & economy, not to mention the USAs use of the defoliant Agent Orange, napalm and all the rest. As far as all those agrarian villagers were concerned it was an "extinction event", their world had gone. 8(
The Vietnam war was truly ghastly :(
threads is so dark!
I’m going to throw Snowpiercer into the mix. The movie, not the tv series. Directed by Bong Joon Ho, he directed Parasite and has a great name.

Children of men is also one of my all time favourites, very moving film that scarily looks like the not too distant future.
The walking dead( rv series )
The road
The book of eli
Night eats the world
Train to buscan
Last man in earth *TV comedy
A quiet place
The crazies
Just a few I have watched that were decent
Great list so far, just going to add:
Mad Max trilogy.
This is the end.
The Road is great.. really dark. Annihilation is good too.
A Boy and his Dog is a 70s classic!
by  p@t
Edward Woodward (Callan) Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Nidge)
by  los
Epic Rap Battles Guy Fawkes VS Che Guavera
I Care a Lot
Centurions: Power Xtreme
by  Tenpester
Roman Britain - The Work of Giants Crumbled
The OG Justice League: Super Friends
by  SupaFric
Interactive Video
by  1620
time space space time
the gorgeous corona virus
mr burns reel
by  WeedMummy
Alan Partridge's Scissored Isles
by  lordKaos
by  Fiddler
Stargate......vs...Close Encounters
Ballers or Billions
Neil DeGRASS Tyson's StarTalk
I Love Quibi
the time dilation of adam magyar
by  huggsins
Danger 5
Startup - Amazon Prime Video
by  Treebee
Good Youtube Channels
picard series?
Amazon Troopers: Special Delivery
Mr Robot Beats All Your Shit
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Why Does My Body Do That On Weed?