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how's everyone watching the fight tonight?
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Partially paid?
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Haven't purchased from you yet
Can’t go wrong with LUD. His descriptions ar…
New Strains
It’s ‘knob’ btw + 8 more
mix up and we are sorry
I just hope this is small blip for them, reading l… + 2 more
I guess this order won’t be coming then lol
Im sorry to hear this mate, if you find another wa… + 2 more
Ordered 2 Packs Mix or Match
Sounds lovely! Enjoy bro + 2 more
Any photos/impressions on this one?
Why you hating on snag. His reviews make me laugh.…
on  Flavourz
Dodgy as fuck. Avoid.
you too fella, have a good one. + 5 more
'Flavourz' nominated for termination.
Totally agree that vendor looks dodgy af! Can pe…
thats great that you can buy @ those prices. I rar… + 2 more
what types of hash are your favorite?
Some nice dark sticky hash would go down well! Als…
Gellato in Veg
Can’t come quick enough bb! Keep us all post…
How do we know it's genuine?
too true! + 2 more