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Dank vapes making people ill
Oli Bongo
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What’s the story?
Oli Bongo
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Best refillable vape cartridges
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Help defeating the munchies!!!
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{lb help}
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Cannabis for arthritis/joint pain
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I use Sativa&rsquo…
Thc carts are they better than buds
I prefer bud mate. Carts are strong but just for w…
on  epix
Pope gone?
Mine took a week but it landed today. Just hold in…
on  toothdoc4
looking for psychedelics
Check out Society. They have vendors on there.
Anyone tried the CBD Superskunk?
Keep an eye on NDWUK. They’re gonna have som…
Heading down the rabbit hole again 2/11/19
Amanita Muscaria :)
on  Gjohal1
Credit cards allowed on coinbase
I’ve used my Barclaycard mate
Best Dry Herb Vaporizers
I’ve got a Pax 3 and I can’t fault it.…
Suspending service until Royal Mail get their shit together.
I feel privileged that my order came the next day …
on  beakytzw
Other Market Places
You don’t need anywhere else mate
on  beakytzw
Wonka Chocolate Bar
Gods Connect stocks these but I dont think they&rs…
excellent cartridge
The select carts are good as well mate. You can&rs…
Vape carts
The cartridges fit a standard 510 vale battery thr…
Reaching out
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Another bad review!! Why? Received no messages as to why a 1 was left!!.
Don’t stress mate. The stardawg I got off yo…
New Stock
When’s the GG4 landing mate?
Any UK sellers??
They are the best I’ve dealt with + 2 more
THC Content
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International shipping
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Many Thanks
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Medicinal Marijuana
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Any chance of some Cali cans Cap'n?
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on  us2uk9/10
So if unfortunately it does get pinched at customs will I have a visit from the boys in blue?
I've never heard of anyone on here getting visited…
Does anyone know how to pay for the insurance on the wax? I can't see an option for it.
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bigg now