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It turns out weed didn’t make me paranoid weed being illegal did.
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was moses high?
if you're not high when you're starting a religion you're in it for the cheddar.
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how to completely clean a mac?
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Capitan America - Il super adattoide
this really captures comic book style
Back vending from Europe!
very often those signs are there to guage your reaction. did you wear a mask or have any camo?
What does it mean to be human?
i think there's a borg for that
A machine that can smell if you have cancer
and doesn't require enslavement of a biological organism but lets not quibble.
Cornel West on America's Existential Crisis
lets get him on here.
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
this is what english sci fi looks like to americans
Notice of withdrawal from public discourse.
you had a chance for the high ground here, you could have just asked for verifications and then followed up with more polite questions and some url si…
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Worst song ever? And why... GO!
and i feel better about myself, you know plotting his murder and all. george michael on the other hand was a genius and worth a quickie in the facili…
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Dub Pistols - 'Ganja' feat. Rodney P
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we need an open source space colony
me gusta
little biggy criticism thread
Where can you buy monero with a card?