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It turns out weed didn’t make me paranoid weed being illegal did.
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in all of history who would you most like to get stoned with?
surely a deep kush bigga
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
this is what english sci fi looks like to americans
Anxious about buying online
par? yeah obviously guess not. mainstream sites have intrinsic greed, deceit and idiotic customer service all backed up by a corporate legal system. …
Posting to customers by hand!?!
you could place dead drops around the city and then biggaz could pick it up instantly.
doctor doc
anyone use an oura ring?
For sleep yes, as long as you don't expect much fitness tracking you're good.
A machine that can smell if you have cancer
and doesn't require enslavement of a biological organism but lets not quibble.
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was moses high?
if you're not high when you're starting a religion you're in it for the cheddar.
Cornel West on America's Existential Crisis
lets get him on here.
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Worst song ever? And why... GO!
and i feel better about myself, you know plotting his murder and all. george michael on the other hand was a genius and worth a quickie in the facili…