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Kumo Varanasi
joined jul 2017
I'm writing about this place and want to get inside your little big heads to see how it operates.
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Kumo Varanasi
What Brought You To Biggy?
Yes I know it's weed. Or nootropics, whatever. But why here as opposed to say a local connection eh?
I was tired and sick of being harassed by local dealers..... any time i would say 'no thanks', hash weight would be punctually shorter..many would stop selling or disappear or the endless waiting for a spliff.... i wanted to find a natural cure suitable for my arthritis but all i got was the usual shananigans. So i searched enlightenment on google, I was determined to find a real e-market . where being a girl doesn't mean wanting to have sex in exchange of weed, where the quality or weight you get is not based on who you are, your race or accent... where you can have the side effects and detailed descriptions of what you are going to smoke/eat, before buying! I just didn't expect to find such a lovely and sweet community of people not more haters.... violent pics... aggressive behaviours.... this is the lightest side of the dark net. Love Lb thanks
wow - LB is your haven :)
UK 420
Originally a customer myself, now a vendor. Love this little place.. the escrow payments made it easier for me to trust this place in the beginning, not forgetting the quality product on offer here.. normally top shelf stuff.. thought ide give something back to the community with what I can source myself. Love this place!!!
I came here as a refugee from the original Silk Road. When they were taken down my favourite seller there, the Muskabuzz, came here instead of the darknet for some highfalutin reasons I don't remember. I've been back to the darknet many times and it always ends in tears. I've been ripped of by sellers and market administrators more than federales. I've only had 1 bad experience here and that was resolved so I decided to stick with this.

Local connections are great while they last, then someone gets married or moves and your starting over. Also variety is better online.
What you said 133% plus the weed in Eire has such a shitty quality especially in the west coast. I reckon a small chunk of Ireland relies heavily on little-biggie bananas. It’s a great site though I’m only an amateur at this bitcoin banter
I'm still a novice, been here since October. Still figuring out how it all works.

As the others have mentioned, we've all come looking for something. I personally was not happy with the quality of cheeba I was getting through my connections and these people I know on a personal level. It wasn't their fault, it's just how the general market is in the UK. People just want cheap weed and get monged.

But weed is more than that, it's a tool to expand your mind and sense of being. The quality and variety on here is amazing and I can't thank all the vendors enough for all their hard work in a very competitive market place.

Everyone here is generally really cool and down to earth, which I believe is down to the quality of the product we consume, good weed makes good people.

Finally, the person(s) behind lb, wow, they saw something that we needed well before we knew we wanted. Kudos to them.
Well said man.
Well I was smoking Weed on/off since I was 17 and always got my Weed through friends. After my Wife died two years ago I decided I need to move to a different Area to heal and I lost my Connections to get some Weed/Hash here and there.

Stumbled across LittleBiggy kinda by Accident and am really happy with it now.
I found this place through sheer luck, I could no longer be bothered with street dealers as they are a waste of time and the same strain of weed all the time, bad timing, big chance of ripping you off and I had barely any dealers/connections. Then when CBD bud came about I started buying it online, then just searched online where to buy weed online in the UK, found NDWUK’s website and didn’t know if it was legit or not so I searched up more info about them and came across this place and I’m glad I did cause I would never go back.
I did the exact same but ndwuk is legit aha I bought from them before
Yeah I know, I buy from them quite often tbh and they've got great products too!
Eph 6:12
Because local connections go dry too quickly. One minute there's plenty, then next thing, boom, where the heck did it go? you would think there was some sort of weed sucking noo noo on the go XD
I lol'd, too hard at this...

Wetting my pants at that mashed noonoo lol
I'd had a massive break from recreational smoking and all other substances. I experimented with lots when younger and nearly went too far. Turned out I had an unknown heart condition. When I found out after I left uni, I packed up most things and smoking began anxiety attacks as a result so I packed that in too.

Must be 10-12 years on, kids, partner, house and alright job. My Mrs suffered an injury to her wrist and hand 2 years ago and had been off since needing reconstructive surgery but the pain will never stop. Coincidently at a similar time another close family member had a knee replacement. Both wanted pain relief that wasn't dihydrocodene as it made them I'll long term.

I'm in an area with no connections and fully remember how hit and miss the streets are. I got some decent stardawg from a friend but was too strong for both of them. I loved it and it gave me a reintroduction but getting it was sporadic and unreliable.

Like a lot I began looking at cbd vendors and came across this site. Very nerve racking to use to begin with, setting up and learning the way around but all you guys and the vendors are TOP BANANA and it's so easy. Couple that with decent products and a variety to buy in small amounts to see what suits different people and different moods you quickly find it's a wonderful place.

Big up to littlebiggy and all it's members that make a great community.
and to you my bigga nicely put
Finally found like minded people interested in what I’m interested in. This place pretty much rules out the scumbags. Can sell what I can source. Winning
Love little biggy
you dont know. i came here to be entertained when i am in a certain mode.
now you know.
true that
i still dont know what mood though and that sounds like the interesting part
Honestly? Good quality at a nice price with discrete delivery. I hope you’re writing won’t bring undue attention to this place.
a 4g connection and a dream
I found this place via a search engine and thought I would check it out to see if it was legit. Signed up after seeing how friendly everyone seemed.

Will probably make a purchase once my rating is higher.

Purchased some 'legal' cbd herb elsewhere and while it made me feel relaxed and less anxious, I missed the feeling of a 'real' hit.
Buyers don't get a "rating" they have a rep from purchases and disputes. As well as votes of course but none of this is needed to get started :) You are still protected by escrow.
Split with my wife. My contacts are her friends. Lost contact with my own and don't trust her friends so googled "buy weed online" and here I am.
Exactly the same situation I found myself in! Now I’m here and glad we split up haha
look after yourself bud. life's still beautiful.
generation last
divorce without weed is like marriage without..weed

wish you all the best bigga
Take care dude. Hope this is for the best.
A friend gave me a THC vape cart for Christmas and before that I had never vaped THC. I googled the cart as I like to lookup flower strains on leafly or other sites, but google brought me to LB instead.

My only local connection is my best friend's little bro, and he's been trying to get out of the business. My friend actually told me to stop buying weed from his bro as he didn't want me to be his enabler.

I'm very happy with LB. Because I'm not buying weed as often my tolerance is way down compared to how it was a few years ago. I went from being a daily smoker to now only smoking a few times a month. My tolerance is low enough now that I often experience 'afterglow' the day after smoking. Haven't felt that in a LONG time!
As others have said, when your needs are medical as well as recreational, you don't want crap. Outside of big cities, there is still a lot of crap around, including contaminated/poorly grown/unflushed crap. On a competitive market there is more emphasis on quality. I lurked for a while, then decided living in fear was pointless and joined up. So far seems like an awesome community.
Great topic!

I came in search of this place because of lockdown really so feel like I have stumbled upon the beach like di caprio :)

I have 2 very questionable suppliers but have known both for 10 years. They get in trouble but have never caused me any. One is more reliable than the other and I actually cannot say a bad word about them, always available, always on time, different flavours, always on weight, not always so stealth but we have a good meet set up. I have always thought how will I look meeting this guy in another 10 years? Kind of had the feeling whenever these guys decide to stop supplying that's when I stop my love affair with the herb :(

That being said when this is all over do I introduce these guys to LB? As vendors it could even lessen their risk of the aforementioned 'trouble'? I have already linked 3 friends here :)
they both look legit to me
Initially research. I was writing a piece on changes in drug markets and obviously this lead to the dark web. Then I heard about this weird clearnet site that many claimed was a scam or cover for something deeper or even an elaborate joke.
So,I had to check it out and here I am - to paraphrase julius caesar "I came,I saw,I hung around and got stoned.
you said it. i just wanted to get some weed.
was stuck in a "no weed" region of the planet for too long.
needed some cure.
On moving to another country I didn't want to knock shoulders with 'local connections' (For a variety of reasons) and that kind of put a halt on my weed smoking days. The Dark Web was, well, pretty dark and didn't really appeal to me.

Then, Little Biggy! I don't combust as I quit smoking 6 years ago so the vape carts & shatter for dabbing are a Godsend. This community has been nothing but a positive experience with some very cool dudes.
This Insta page weed blogger. It's great! "High and Polite" he had a ppst about "how to buy weed online safely" and here I am :D legalize
I moved to an area where I had no contacts so I was only able to get sorted occasionally. Then I listened to a podcast about 'the dark web' which was very interesting and basically explained how to do it! I googled and found this place. I never enjoyed having to go to dodgy places with dodgy people and I have a career which would be destroyed if I had a criminal record. I am happy to pay more then I used to for all these reasons and the fact there are descriptions and reviews which allows me to buy based on the effects I want.
This is a great little community and I have never had anything other than great customer service.
Shit deals and time wasters.

The gods of the Internet were kind when I found this place.
For-real! Shit weed, dodgyness in general, time man!! Never ever get back! Looked it up online, not too savvy on the old darknet, found an alternative that seemed right, trusted and at the time very reasonably priced.

Google is a friend in deed!
Total luck for me. searching online vendors and came across this absolute beautiful community. I looked at a different market before this but that seemed shady whereas this is a proper stoner community. No class A's or fake passports in sight.
where were going we dont need passports
Todd's Sure Thangs
big city dreams and a dose of moxy
I could do with scoring a few gs of that moxy myself.
Geographical isolation... and also through trying to verify another online source. A happy accident that definitely hasn't saved me money! However, it has made the geographical isolation awesome!
Street dealers of a certain persuasion seek to have changed the weights mad measures act 3.5 is an eighth not 2.2 or whatever you deem fit to give me despite the fact I am twice your age .
Tbh I don't think it's "people of a certain persuasion" not 100% what that means but I wouldn't want to speculate either. It's just psychology.

People associate an 8th as being interchangeable with a 20 bag. Anyone (including me) thats anal about measurements and economics struggles with this. An 8th (of an ounce) is 3.5g with a varying price. A 20 bag is a fixed price with varying weight. The two stopped being synonymous with inflation and more exotic and expensive strains hitting the market.

Try explaing this to the average person and you've found yourself losing a customer.

I love this site because its simply the price and the weight. No ambiguous slang terms.
Nothings changed aprt from ur math skills 3.5 grs is a 8th of an oz, 2.2grams that’s half a 8th (1/16th of a oz) ask for a 20 bag or a teenth
I'd been out of the scene for a while and always liked hash. Skunk strains were too strong for me to maintain any sense of normality (I know, that's the point) but I just like to gently chill with a smoke and love the taste of hash (old school sqidgy, leb, Afghan etc). All the dealers I knew and friends who smoke only have weed so I dabbled with the dark net but got ripped off a few times and gave up. Then a google search led me to High & Polite and they recommended LB. I've placed 2 orders for hash from different vendors and both came within 2 days with great stealth. I love the feedback and Escrow environment too and also really enjoy the community and all the advice and tips on here. My only regret is I placed my first 2 orders anonymously so I couldn't give the sellers the A+ feedback they deserve. But I am regsitered now and will be back! Thanks LB community. Peace & love
This is pretty much me too.
Like many, I stopped smoking a number of years ago, but still occasionally missed getting high.

When I say a number of years, I mean a couple of decades, so I really didn't want to venture out to find some untrustworthy little runt who wouldn't know a proper weight if it smacked them in the face.

The dark web didn't appeal (I'm not looking for stolen credit cards, or to get ripped off), but read about LB on a blog post so visited, had a look around and liked what I saw.

Whilst stealth is always a top priority, the community on LB is brilliant in sharing tips, advice, reviews (good or not so good), so there is an element of transparency.

Yes, you may pay a premium, but I'd much rather take quality over all the downsides of a street dealer and the greater potential for problems.

I'll stick with LB all day!
A reference from High and Polite + natural curiosity.
The search for quality and choice. I got bored of weed around 10 years ago when a site I used called Dutch Green Club got busted. From there all I could regularly source was a bag of ‘weed’ which varied in quality, strength, type of effect on me so much so I though fuck this. My fondness of quality never diminished, it was just tucked away at the back of my head until on night drunk I looked for my old friend Dutch Green Club again in the hope they were up and running again and to my delight I found this site.
Crappy deals,crappy attitude and too many dodgy situations :(
So used NDW until the end,lucky to get my last drop, although many seeds sticks shake and crappy small loose buds,never used like that !!
Others were not so lucky :(
I then done some more research and found LB :)
The absolute decision to quit combustion.
Hadn't yet learned how good some dry herb vapes are and there's only flower around me, but I had heard of thc carts so google brought me here.

So glad I did my stash box is like opening the cocktail cabinet these days, rather than just another case of Stella.
I agree the dry herb vape is great nd supposed to be more healthy gets you higher aswell apparently
I’ve known about the site for a while but as I was getting a steady supply locally I couldn’t be arsed with using bitcoin. Lockdown changed that and although local is cheaper I’ve had some real nice weed delivered so will continue to come here even when things get back to normal.
Don’t have to leave the house and worry about travelling, so easy to order and have it delivered
my friend bought me 7g of arjans strawberry haze before a trip and i was sold! so much easier than getting it off some guy and you can choose whats good for you!
Been an on and off smoker for years, hadn't had any for a while and no one to buy off so I had a search on the web.

Littlebiggy was mentioned in an article about where to buy weed online in UK.

That was back in January, have now made over 10 orders with no problems.

Its nice to be able to try lots of different varieties.
Moved to a rural location and meeting my usual plug required a 2 hour drive. Did a bit of googling and took me here. Took nearly 3 months to pluck up the courage and buy. It has been a godsend since.
Left one dealer who only sold in 10s and 20s and charged £11.50 a g regardless of how much you wanted, when I found somebody who sold comparable bud, but would do an 8th for 30 quid and a q for 50. Unfortunately the second relationship came to a fairly abrupt end and the 1st guy was acting like I'd left him for another woman, so I started googling.

Using the usual keywords, I looked at all of the proper Chinese looking "UK" online shops, then I found that UK medical trial place that I can't remember the name of but that would still be pretty expensive with all the consultation and prescription fees, even if it probably is A+++ bud.

Close to giving up and ringing round for an introduction to some random, I stumbled across the high and polite blog and was directed here. Was very sceptical at first but I'm so happy I gave it a try!

Now, instead of ringing round mithering people, stressing out about whether I'll be able to get anything before I run out and playing pot luck with price, weights and quality, I can pay £20 for a Q of perfectly smokable green that is as strong as a lot of the stuff I used to buy, and have it arrive a day or two later! Magic.

And to top it off I still can't believe I just paid £30 for an Oz 😱😱😱
£30 for an oz ?????? Lol did you manage that if I may ask ?
RealD skittles promo. He sells shake for $25 a Q and bud is $45 for an Henry. Both well worth the money, BTW.

Every now and then he will run a promo offer with big % discounts of up to 50%.

First time round I paid $38 for an oz of trim. Last time wasn't as heavily discounted but I still stocked up and bought 35g of shake for $62.50 and 3/8 of bud for $75.

45g for what, about £110? 😱

For somebody who was well used to dragging out a 20 bag to make it last as long as possible, I now look in my stash box and feel like Scrooge McDuck in his money pit 😂😂
Yeah fair play that is a good haul.
Yeah I luckily enough seen the promo the other night so I grabbed 7g. Wish now I had of went for a half
I’m similar to many others here- used to smoke but stopped some years ago. I’ve recently returned via a local connection but would like the option of a more tailored experience where I can try different things and know, with confidence, what they are.
I’m new to LB and await delivery of my first order with excitement (and a little nervousness)!

got scammed by insta "seller" TWICE! (i know, i know) and can't seem to find a local plug. tbh idk where to find one lol
Was looking for oils, tinctures etc made from actual known strains rather than whatever random bud some bloke who sends the kid on a moped has. Found randomly via a mention in a blog somewhere and couldn’t believe such a place existed. Reviews and ratings for sellers. Next level.
My local always provide good quality, but the few I know are all inconsistent in terms of answering phone calls etc.

All I’m waiting for now is somebody to have blue cheese on here, not had it in years!
Variety and consistency
Covid and variety local connect you take whatever ur given at least we have choice here and excellent quality Super Hans Nero Diuk to name a few vendors all top quality grown well
Hi Smee, out of interest if you arrived at the site as it is today would you still have stuck around?
Hard one to answer, building trust is hard at the best of times...
Looked up how to buy weed and found the site from an article. 2 orders in. Many more to go
Lockdown initially. Stick about for the hash
dr green thumb
I've had shops on darkweb over the years but so many exit scams lost faith. Lb been around a long time as a vendor great place to sell.
I live in a tiny village. Don't want to be hanging around the locals really, I have 1 guy for smoke. And it's the same stuff all the time.
So for me LB is like an adventure park full of different goodies and options. I love how discreet it is. Hope this site lasts a long time yet.
For me it was an issue with was then CBPM pharmacy, now Curaleaf not getting my medical cannabis scripts and messing me about. So went on the hunt and found here. I've been buying along side my script since march I guess lol.

Even know I have a medical cannabis script. I do believe we should be able to buy cannabis anywhere. Imo of course.
Having the choice of multiple options and I wouldn't need to leave my house for it 😂
My fellow biggas!
Remember hearing about this site around 5 years ago years and only recently decided to vend
Pistach actually recommended us to the site, he thought we'd do well, we are doing okay, (until the trolls come in) and we have done pretty well considering that we've only been here since January.

We've been posting out items using other sites for years, so it was a no brainer to join LB.
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