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Cannabis activist prone to optimistic cosmogony.
Here to help bring the plant to everyone.
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It is not a joke
Yesterday BITCOIN Screwed Me!
Zambia making a step forward...or not?
by  braindead
A little note
favourite vendors links
CO2, live resin, etc carts vendors within Europe?
Cannabis and cognitive stimulators for Alzheimers
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AI So What. There will always be work.
in my opinion, there are some "things" machines/AI will never be able to do. inspiration for instance. fear of AI dominance, as i think, co…
use three words to describe little biggy
Help Humanity Hope
on  {nations}
is the coronavirus bio warfare?
I commented before, but this time i'll just add some links. They've been doing hella lot of research on corona viruses and enhancing potency of the v… + 8 more
{buy help}
The dreaded knock on the door
I had several, from 7g up to an ounce. + 2 more
I need a new series to watch
- Happy! - two seasons so far - year of the rabbit - avenue 5 - silly, but really reflects the reality (nobody knows what they are doing literally). -…