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doc holiday
Are AI-Powered Killer Robots Inevitable?
Military scholars warn of a “battlefield singularity,” a point at which humans can no longer keep up with the pace of conflict.
I just don't see how human safe ai is possible. This road is the last one.
I’m more concerned about the integration of AI facial recognition software and drones. Strap a small bomb to one of those DJI mini drones and somehow code some facial recognition software and you have your own flying assassin to send out at will.
doc holiday
why i invest in good makeup
Is that really the only reason?
are you implying that killer robots are not military scholars/ I GUEESS THATS A COMPLIKMENT
British Bulldog
If I remember correctly, they (some people) said that Stephenson's Rocket, the fastest train in the world in the early 19th century, was so fast (at 30mph) it would mean people's skin would be torn off by the sheer speed and pressure if they ever got on it.

Every new invention is marred with these kind of theories.

I personally think there's a lot more to be worried about than AI.

But what do I know? Not a lot...

Cheers BB
sani king
by  sani king
AI powered sexbots are heating up
thom dorke
How AI Sees The World
by  Tenpester
Experts Saying Artificial Consciousness Has Emerged
by  defnote
the first computers were made from humans
by  zbiggy
Cyborgs at the foundations of feminist culture
by  Tenpester
A New Brain Implant Automatically Detects and Kills Pain in Real Time
by  wells
AI recognized as a patent holder
by  Tenpester
AI uses synthetic data
mona lisa
by  mona lisa
when your therapist is a bot
by  peck
When an AI finally kills someone, who will be responsible?
by  flava8
Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]
by  Tenpester
The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice
by  coldspurs
what would it take for you to completely trade this world for vr?
Han duo
by  Han duo
Bot sues equifax for you