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Are AI-Powered Killer Robots Inevitable?
by  Tenpester
A New Brain Implant Automatically Detects and Kills Pain in Real Time
by  zbiggy
Cyborgs at the foundations of feminist culture
by  wells
AI recognized as a patent holder
by  defnote
the first computers were made from humans
by  Tenpester
AI uses synthetic data
mona lisa
by  mona lisa
when your therapist is a bot
by  Tenpester
The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice
thom dorke
How AI Sees The World
by  peck
When an AI finally kills someone, who will be responsible?
I don't think there is much here for criminal law these are all accidents. Torts are where the action is going to be, if you sue and advanced AI will they wind up working for you as restitution like indentured servants?
dogtown dave
Fuck I just got a vision of Robot Lawyer.
Until AI is writing itself how is it not the developer?
The Human that poked it
The insurer.
Eph 6:12
You would think it would be the elite and programmer themselves (think of IRobot) to blame for unleashing the image of the beast. They wont take responsibility though for they are mobsters and will cover their tracks heavily, the AI will be more superior than us and could piratically be a jack of all trades from lawyer to a schizophrenic gangster with an agenda and ever progressive and evolving "psychology" that seems reasonable to others for it's actions. That's how the greatest villains are supported, for they delve into the hearts of men and women tripping them up with an invisible snare. Exactly like how the luke warm fall for the zionist agenda for they have not understanding and lean upon other minds to think for them. Peace sounds good, but ones mans peace is another mans disharmony.
bit poppa
And the Award for Most Awkward Segway into Nazi Propoganda goes to..
zionism and judaism are two different things. Don't get it wrong. Zionism and no better than Nazism
at least it wasnt space lizards this time lol, one of my pals is jewish, he dont got time for his own shit let alone running the world.
sani king
by  sani king
AI powered sexbots are heating up
by  flava8
Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]
by  coldspurs
what would it take for you to completely trade this world for vr?
Han duo
by  Han duo
Bot sues equifax for you