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Each gummy contains 15 mg of THC, with a total of 300mg for the bag. Please specify your 1st 2 picks:

Gummy Bears
Gummy Worms
Peach Rings
Strawberry Belts
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10 individually wrapped candies in a variety of flavors. If you are not a daily partaker a half is plenty. Wait for the kick before you dose up or I'll be sending your next delivery to the International Space Station.

Another strategy is to break them into little bits for optimal dosing during the day, it's very stealthy and a lot better for your lungs than smoke.
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5 brownies for 1000mg of THC

These are medical grade Indica, made from concentrates.

Invite the neighborhood, you can get them all wasted or just have a bite for a very satisfying day. Don't take a whole brownie for anything but plain relief. Keep them in the fridge.
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Each vial contains ~9mg of Psilocybin (equivalent to the Psilocybin content of 2g of dried shrooms).

So one vial contains enough psilocybin for a fun, solid trip, with plenty of visuals. If you are light weight (under 130 pounds) you might only need ¾ of a vial.

Ships from US and UK
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6 pack!

A healthy, stealthy and easily portioned way to enjoy cannabis. 25 mg of THC in each drink, that's 2 nice doses for most folks.
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Perhaps you have noticed the super powers that come from cannabis+ coffee it's like a higher consciousness where you are one step ahead of everything.

But the wake and bake routine with a shot of espresso has its limitations. It's a smelly and short lasting buzz and tends to freak out roomies and fam.

Those primitive days are over my friends, now thanks to moderrn thc concentrates and the beautiful way they bond with this organic instant coffee grind.

This is 250 mg of THC, that's a good 10 portions for a master stoner, the office crowd can double or triple the servings brewed.
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high quality, organic, hand made thc gummies with 4mg of concentrated thc each. dosage is extremely controllable one and most folks are good but if you want to go to gummy land you've got the bears to do that.
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Dedicated to killing the cancer in ram9198

Oil extracted from organic Green Crack and made with 99% isopropyl alcohol solvent exactly like Rick Simpson does, you can follow his prescriptions precisely.

Straight up or mixed with oil or butter for cooking. It is already decarboxylated. If you are not as rasta as ram use caution, It is Extremely strong. Start with a tiny amount, less then a grain of rice, and give it a few hours before you take more.

The high from is very clean and uplifting, you can also use it to also treat mild anxiety and depression,
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10/10 thc gummy bears
rated 17 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
10/10 Liquid Mushrooms
rated 22 days ago   took 10 days to arrive
10/10 Liquid Mushrooms
rated 25 days ago   took 12 days to arrive
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