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green face killa
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Gang Fight: Lawyers vs Doctors (for real)
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
national socialists also skew a little right
How To Control Guns
Yes, defense against government was the reason and made plenty of sense when the tech was there in the 18th century. But do you think an armed citize…
apple reduced to a lame tv company
he would have been perfect for amazon, operational excellence and gentler relations with the outside world. also the awkward attempts at style. + 2 more
on  {nations}
The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
where there are informants there is vendetta, blackmail and corruption
To The LB Class of Covid-19: Skyfall
We needs some robots
to the sellers that stayed online during the blockchain meltdown: STRONGER
big bigg up
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It's Almost Over Now N.E.R.D.
fuck yeah it is :)
Best things to watch while stoned
theres a biggy devoted to this
High Times Top Strains 1977
I remember references to what I thought was the "sense" now I get that was sinsimilla :) Thanks
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Police bust 'world's biggest' video-game-cheat operation
started topic
reviewers if you want me to believe you're not shills
seem the wall algorithms definitely prefer photos as well
The activist dismantling racist police algorithms
started topic
The Dopamine Fasters of San Francisco
Interesting characters but it doesn't seem that original
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When the cops come knocking
stupid on too many levels to count and note your address is burned :( + 2 more