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Gang Fight: Lawyers vs Doctors (for real)
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
national socialists also skew a little right
A Complete List Of Bitcoin Debit Cards
Sweet! Thanks sir/madame :)
How To Control Guns
Yes, defense against government was the reason and…
The Dopamine Fasters of San Francisco
Interesting characters but it doesn't seem that or…
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The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
where there are informants there is vendetta, blac… + 2 more
The activist dismantling racist police algorithms
started topic
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When the cops come knocking
stupid on too many levels to count and note your a… + 2 more
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blockchain "insufficient funds"
Is there a crazy fee? This can happen when a walle…
partially paid
It sounds like the bitcoin newtwork fees are getti…
State of the DNMs
scamming people isnt a long term business model. …
Help! Anyone Selling Toilet Paper?
i see a great promotion opportunity here
Using PGP here?
It was way more popular here a few years ago. I al…
320 as CBD time
started topic
Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
yes empty roads are dangerou because you find your…
High Times Top Strains 1977
I remember references to what I thought was the &q…
Is There Much Interest in QR codes or URIs?
would like to copy the address easier from a phone…
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PGP key
for what platform?
You share them within little biggy?
{buy help}
No idea how to get my money back from escrow
I was thinking more.. + 2 more
American Cartridges to Belgium
Cali world is a good dude