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Life is full of bull, you gotta take it by the horns!
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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U.S. based bud vendors?
Anyone ordered or seen RX Rex lately?
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Rank The Dead Rappers
Gotta love the one douchebag (Itche) who downvotes… + 2 more
order I1fmB7HGA7BPv1G2QXILUtLM
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How to Request a Refund
Did they refund you? What eventually happened? My …
Looking for 2 testers
Did anyone get chosen to test the batch? Anyone ge…
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How to combine orders from the same seller
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Where are you located? I’ve been a daily con…
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
It was police code for marijuana-specific calls on…
Modafinil vs. Armodafinil? I'm confused.
I can understand people calling it paranoia but wh…
Top Shelf Kratom discussion
Let me get this straight, $78 for an ounce of Krat…
Hands down these movies in this order:BlowHow HighSuper TroopersAny Cheech and Chong movie Friday Next Friday
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