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growing 100% organic since 2012
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by  Djbeasto
100% :)
If I was to sell some ORGANICALLY GROWN high quality herb on here...
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Top 10 Seller Tips
I just logged in there with my LB credentials but the contents of the site seems the same as on LB (just with green letters instead of blue) so I'm re…
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
must be because of her...borg implants? ;) + 4 more
As Web Content Creator How Should I Use This?
So if I'm getting this right, I can add a topic here on LB, share a link to it anywhere on the internet, and when the link gets clicked I earn coins?
Stuck at customs, need help
Can you please share what was the catch here? I'm guessing the parcel sholud've be marked as a "gift", so customs don't ask for invoice...o…
So how many of you got Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?
Heard this for the first time on Reddit too, and it seems it's the only place people talk about it much, wonder if it is legit or not.
Recommendations please
Very interesting to read your experience, because for me these oils start to kick in about 4 hours in, and reach their peak 6 hours in, with quite str…
Looking to try the sativa drops
started topic + 3 more
on  Bazza123
Bummer. So what happens next? I don't think they will pursue any legal actions, right?
Any issues with delivery to EU
started topic + 2 more
What happened to Old-school Vendors
started topic + 4 more
Best Place To Buy High Quality Seeds?
I always buy from RoyalQueenSeeds, but I'm guessing any reputable seed store would be as good. + 2 more
Security measures for sellers (VPN)
started topic + 5 more
Account is locked?
started topic + 2 more
Had a problem sending BTC from coinbase - they didn't include the transaction fee (but did last order), nobody has repli…
I used Coinbase for LB transactions since the beginning and never had problems. How could this blockchain tracing happen? Shouldn't crypto be 100% ano…
Parcel opened by customs :(
so got the parcel, but it was empty?? interested to hear how this develops. + 3 more
Referrals on transaxe
I'm curious about this too!
Looking for wax and shatter in Europe
started topic + 2 more